Learning about failure on no budget | An idea

Hi Guys, hope life is treating you well.

Over here in Brussels we have seen the most bizarre show of security theatre.  And proof that the internet really is all about cats :slight_smile:

So. Some of us have, myself included, have signed up for the communication team for LOTE5. I’ve have been thinking about how we could do the outreach work well on very limited resources of time.

After some reflection I realised we could just use what we already have!

Over the years, we’ve accumulated quite a lot of really high quality content around challenges and solutions on the platform. It’s easy to forget this when we launch into something new, in this case LOTE5. People put a lot of effort into writing stories of first hand experience either of things that are failing, or creative attempts to unfail them. Others have shared their own reflections and experiences around these stories…in the form of comments and offline discussions during community events (many of which have been very well documented and posted here too). Why not revisit the material already have, reflect on their contents and summarise the knowledge in a format that makes it easy to build on the insights, ideas and knowledge that is already there?

We are already more than halfway towards producing something along the lines of @neal_gorenflo's wonderful Share or Die book. Everything on the edgeryders platform is released under a creative commons license, and if we ensure that whatever we come up with also contributes to the commons then we’re good. And we have the perfect home made tool to do this with: OpenEthnographer (see manual here)!

What do you guys think, does this make sense? Want to help?

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Yes please!

Busy cooking Thanksgiving dinner right at this moment, but will work on it later tonight and tomorrow. Count me in!

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It seems like the search function the site isn’t working? @Matthias, temporary glitch, or just me?

And am I a bit lost in how I can use Open Ethnographer, am I correct that I have to install the software to my laptop as mentioned here?

No need to download

Yes, it seems the search is down :-( But for our purposes it doesn’t really matter, say we are now looking for content, particularly posts, that is relevant to Lote5. We tag is as per the instructions and using one of the 5 tracks:

1) Care (social and health care)
2) Development
3) Finance
4) Refugee (reception and care)
5) Creative industries

and then check in the annotations view for that content. Then we can also check all content under one track by going to https://edgeryders.eu/en/open-ethnographer/name_of_tag

I will test it today too, and see what we come up with. My hunch is that instead of republishing we publish summaries or collections of short contexts+ quotes, but depends on what we find.


I’ll start scanning the Lote4 group, just so we don’t overlap.

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Search engine workaround

It’s not just you, @Inge and @Noemi. Thank God we are launching an overhaul of the website pretty soon. This problem in particular has a one-click workaround, documented here.

Search is fixed

Search works again w/o the workaround, I just fixed it.

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I’m having some access issues,after clicking on email links that I was mentioned by Nadia in a comment/post, these pages popped up. How can I solve this? Thnx :slight_smile:

(Ping @Matthias)

same with one of the links you provided @Noemi:

wait,I take this back, it seems to work with development (though not with care, guess not coded yet?)

Started writing a comment which turned into a post!

:)) I can’t believe it. You start to do one little thing and before you know it… Deleted the comment because it was too long. republishing as a post tomorrow morning instead.


:)) looking forward to it.

and @Noemi, I’m reading through spot the future related posts right now.

It’s online now


Found a list of all status updates on Edgeryders fb page to date

@Inge , @Noemi


I found a resource which might be very helpful for the content curation/social media calendar- A list of every single status update on the Edgeryders FB page this year. Had forgotten I had set it up at the beginning of the year  :slight_smile:

Super easy to set up: You just use an ifttt.com formula to send the status updates to a spreadsheet to get something like this .

So all we need to do is go over the list, pick up the stuff that we like/feel is relevant to LOTE5 topics and sessions, and then update the social media calendar for what goes into the curated social media feed with slightly modified versions.

Everything is more fun when you do it together, at least for me :)) What do you think, should we do the content curation together over a skype call?

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yes please!

totes in for a skype meet-up! Am quite flexible day and time-wise.

Set up an even at a time that suits you?

I’m good anytime except for on the 15-17 december…


Let me know if time day works, if not we can change :) https://edgeryders.eu/en/lote5/join-the-lote5-social-media-content-curating-skype-call

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set up event on fb too