News calendar 2015-2016

As new projects are starting (OpenCare!!) and LOTE5 is approaching, we’re going to use updates in this calendar as a way to keep track of what’s going on and should be shared so more people can join us. The calendar is maintained by the community.

If you want to commit to keeping it up for a while, you can volunteer and get your ticket to Lote. Go for it and read the instructions here.

Week Headline and link (twitter format 140characters ppls) Who put it in? / Comments
2-8 Nov

Care by communities: Greece’s shadow zero-cash health care system opencare

Are you coming to #32C3? Edgeryders are setting up an assembly and offering hostel beds #invitation #freeasinbeer

Living on the Edge #Lote5 is where you can meet Edgeryders smartest, finest, most generous crowd. Hop in:

When mass protests can barely begin to solve it: angry, wise post by @NoemiSalantiu about the tragedy in Bucharest – 

This is very ambitious, but worth trying: reforming art, putting collaboration at its center: 

9-15 Nov Edgeryders assemble! Since #31C3 was so much fun, we are making an assembly at #32C3, everyone invited.   
16-22 Nov    
23-29 Nov

Care by communities: Greece’s shadow zero-cash health care system | Edgeryders 

When Was the last time you REALLY learned from failure? When was the last time you really learned from failure? #lote5

Edgeryders is hiring! Drupal developer wanted | Edgeryders

First speakers announced for #LOTE5 track on development

Welcome to LOTE5 | 25-28 February in Brussels How to get a ticket? You make it!

‪#‎lote5‬ is Iooking to be the best one yet :)) Register here:

14-20 Dec How and when European cultural projects miss the mark. Bob Palmer joins EdgeRyders for \#LOTE5:

New session at Living on the Edge #unFail: behind the aspirations of European Capitals of Culture with Matera, Bucharest… ecoc #lote5

Registered for Living on the Edge in February? List your options in the new travel and accommodation wiki: #Lote5

Meet the lovely Edgeryders at Living on the Edge 5 in Bxl: network scientists, corporate tree huggers and world citizens, to name a few! #lote5

4-10 Jan

When was the last time you really learned from failure? Learn from and with others at Living on the Edge #LOTE5. Feb 25-28:


Well-meaning efforts for #refugee reception employ charity-based approaches. Can we do better? #lote5 #immigrants #globalchallenges


New challenge from Edgeryders: write down your sweet and short Fuckup Bio: #lote5 #fuckupnights antiheroes #nojudgement

OpenCare project launches at Living on the Edge \#LOTE5 in Brussels | Co-create your own welfare #CAPS \#research \#radical \#open

Greeks do jugaad-at-scale like nobody else | A shadow, zero-cash health care system: future #clinics

Fail/unFail Geopolitics | Making sense of the peace industry and endless peace process in Israel & Palestine #lote5

After #32c3 | How do we unfail reception of refugees, immigrants and other newcomers in our communities? #lote5

Death and the organisation - stories from beyond the grave #lote5 #business #startups #resilience #changemanagement

11-17 Jan
Digging deep in the Israeli Palestinian \#geopolitics \#fails at \#LOTE5: "peace industry is about conflict management not solutions"
From \#money \#fails to new experiments in communalism. Reflections from Living on the Edge in Matera: \#nonhierarchy \#p2p \#trust

Death and the organisation | From dead startups to burial practices, a call for wild stories: #lote5

Got experience with a failed organisation? Take it from under the rug, @edgeryders are building a collection: #lote5
Surviving creative startup thru grant funding, consultancy and production?! Matteo's \#unfail story from Milan #lote5
Living in a Megacity: Cairo as a patchwork of individual solutions | \#LOTE5 session #mapping \#transport 
40% of Cairo’s transportation is covered by informally organised mini-buses where no information exists at all. Can global communities come up with solutions? #lote5
1-13 Feb

“we need to change to a circular economy and more human society” Meet and join the citizens of the future gathering in Brussels this February

OpenCare project launches at Living on the Edge #LOTE5 in Brussels | Co-create your own welfare caps research #radical open

community #Science: Engineering human-to-human interaction for working together #unMonastery unfail #lote5

If you’re new to @edgeryders and are thinking of #LOTE5, a deep reading about its protocol v 0.1

How to unFail the refugee crisis: 3 events in Brussels you shouldn’t miss!

unFailing European Capitals of Culture into platforms for citizens initiatives Panel at #LOTE5 | 27 FFeb

“We don’t take debt. We don’t seek investors. We don’t seek core funding.  We have no business plan” Edgeryders 2016 updates. To stardom or disaster? #lote5

Informal, easy and peer to peer resource sharing: small grants for Living on the Edge - you can offer or you can take: #LOTE5

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joining you here

I can help with that @Noemi ,

as we’ve been doing this before and have some experience :slight_smile:

Thanks Doro!

Keep’em coming then. They’ll be even more useful when people registering for Lote5 will want to get a ticket and then take this on systematically and send the headlines to the countonme mailing list which we’ll need to revive.


Ping @Irene and @KiraVde can you guys translate headlines for this week into French and Dutch plse? :))


Ping @communalspoon: check out the headlines in this wiki if you want a quick look and maybe recycle during next week.


Great! Thanks @Noemi - I’ll check that out this afternoon.