Stewardship Meetup Schedule

As some of you may know we’ve started a new initiative in the lead up to LOTE4 to unearth the most interesting projects in Europe related to this years theme of Stewardship. The Case Study Adventures - in an effort to establish a better understanding and invite a broader community into the development of Living on the Edge several of us are travelling between different cities to meet with individuals and projects in order to compile case studies and interviews.

Together we plan to visit over 20 cities between now and October, including; Rome, Milano, Vienna, Stockholm, Leipzig, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Nottingham, Istanbul, Athens, Bucharest, Cluj, Budapest and Venice. In many of these cities we’re be hosting meetups, detailed on the schedule below.

Schedule / August


Stay in City: 13th-15th August

Meetup: 14th at 16:00 / Location: Serra dei Giardini, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1254

Meetup Coordinator/s: Lauren, Gaia (?)


Stay in City: 16th- 18th

Meetup: 17th at 16:00 / Location: Cafe prückel

Meetup Coordinator/s: Lauren


Stay in City: 18th


Stay in City: 15th - 18th

Meetup: 18th at 10:00 / Location: Drop Coffee (Mariatorget)

Meetup Coordinator/s: Ben and Ola


Stay in City: 19th-21st

Meetup: 21st at 19:00 / Location: Agora Collective

Meetup Coordinator/s: Hazem, Lauren, elf and ?


Stay in City: 22nd


Stay in City: 23rd


Stay in City: 24th-25th

Meetup: 24th at 16:00 / Location: Royal Festival Hall

Meetup Coordinator/s: Ben, Lauren and ?

Schedule / September


Stay in City: 5th-8th

Meetup: 6th at 16:00 / Location: TBC

Meetup Coordinator/s: Lauren


Stay in City: 10th

Meetup: 10th at 13:00-14:00 / Location: Broadway Cinema

Meetup Coordinator/s: Ben


Stay in City: 9th-13th

Meetup: 11th at 19:00 / Location: εμπρός

Meetup Coordinator/s: Jeff, Lauren and ?


Stay in City: 15th-18th

Meetup: TBC / Location: TBC

Meetup Coordinator/s: Lauren, Noemi

More to follow. Get involved and add yours to the list?

If you would like to get involved by joining the adventure, you can do so by equipping yourself with a video camera and going out to interview your local initiatives and the most inspiring stewards in your city - just create a meetup by adding to this wiki and creating an event on Facebook.

Alternatively you can support the existing initiative in a number of ways:

  1. Introduce and connect us with existing projects on this list - we’re particularly keen to hear of projects taking place in Prague, Vienna, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Nottingham and Istanbul.
  2. Be the Steward of your city, by helping to host, suggest a location and invite people to the meetups that are happening in your city.
  3. Provide accommodation for those travelling between cities - just comment on this wiki.

This series of city meetups will be followed by next step in our adventure, Stewardship Summits online, in which we’ll be inviting specific groups together onto a hangout to discuss the key areas relating to stewardship. These will be taking place on 28th August, 11th September and 25th September - inviting participants internationally from our research and travel to discuss the core subjects of LOTE4.

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Cluj is on the list!

Guys do you want me to help plan meetings with relevant projects?

I can also help host a workshop where we can do a full Lote4 presentation + open discussion with more people involved in stewardship initiatives.

If you’ll be flying I recommend for booking cheap flights, but you’d need to do it well in advance!

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More info?

This is amazing. We can get plenty of mileage out of that. But of course, we would need more info so that people can get involved. I realize this is going to be hard, so… should we just push the itinerary out after some beautification and add a contact info address and a call to action, like “if you are in or near one of these cities, get in touch…”

FYI, a simple tweet saying “hey, does anyone know anyone in Belarus” got Vinay and me interesting contacts. Athens or Vienna should be a walk in the park by comparison.

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Heads up.

Encountering some issues, combination of Interrail failing to send out ticket on time and everyone in Italy being on holiday - going to cut Italy out for August and spend extra time in places where there’s a high concentration of people and projects (like Berlin and Athens). Lauren will update schedule this evening and we should be good to go with the Newsletter tomorrow. @Noemi

Travel Schedule Updated

Hi Alberto. Yes I agree let’s push out the above itinerary (which is now updated) and add Meetup events as we go, and in relation to the responses we receive in the call to action. We can create a one FB event for tour dates and call for projects to get in touch and individual FB events for each Meetup. @Bezdomny will help coordinate Athens Meetup and get projects involved there.

Cool, let’s go!

Ok. As soon as you are ready with a link (I think you’ll need a few lines of explaining and a call to action besides the itinerary) put it in the news calendar wiki.  @Natalia Skoczylas will push it out to the Countonme mailing list, and from there it goes on to the Twitter/Facebook accounts of everybody that subscribes to that list.

please let me know once it’s ready!


Just waiting to confirm with @Lauren a few dates and times on the schedule above. @Alberto do you think the layout and information is okay? Will add links to locations tomorrow.

Should be ready to go out tomorrow morning at latest!


Ready to go.

If we can start identifying projects and individuals, making introductions etc that’d be good. Also accommodation seems to be a bit of an issue, as we’ve chosen holiday month to do this a lot of people seem to be travelling.


any help with coordination in berlin , I can help arranging a meet up with some projects here …among with other edgeryders from berlin also .

Meetup Berlin

Yes please Hazem, that would be great. Will be in Berlin 19th-21st. Pencilled in 21st for a Meetup. How does this work for you and other Edgeryders @JamesL @elf Pavlik @SamMuirhead. Location- Agora Collective.

works for me

looking forward to seeing you all there!

berlin- updates ?

wow so you arrive today . did you manage to find hosts ? I think it’s too late and you already managed to , but anyway I can host one person in my room .

2nd thing about the venue . Did anyone contact AGORA or not ?  because if not we have to be quick .

the other 2  quick alternatives( that I can manage to contact)  is the Baumhaus and the spreefeld .

spreefeld is the place for 2 projects a cooperative co housing community and the teepee land but there is no internet and no proper lighting indoors for video shooting and not easily to get a projector .

based on ben's comment since you have 2 days , are you going to make just a meet up or some visits to some projects to get more interviews and infos ?

Of course we are coming to see you!

Yes please Noemi. That would be great. Book us up!!  We cannot confirm exact dates yet but It will be around mid september so there is a little time.

Maybe you could make a template for the workshop so other Edgeryders can pick it up elsewhere?

I think it is a good idea to establish a clear difference between the Meetup format and this workshop you are talking about. This could be a little confusing otherwise?

I’ll be travelling by train.

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Ok so need for clear format

Good observation, thanks Lauren. So what is the difference? I was under the impression you want to have an opportunity to meet people, and the more the better, because that’s where you could choose whom to interview. For me, both the meetup and a workshop are a pretext for facilitated discussion on a topic, with a small difference that the workshop aims to produce something concrete.

Care to elaborate on what is your preferred format and avoid confusions, as you say?

I can start working with you end of August, and until I’ll follow the posts in this group.