Let's cook ourselves some foodzies!

Harissa, Khash, Khinkali, Badrijani, Kushari, Fatta, Köttbullar, Pannekoeken, Clătite, Sauerkraut, Stoemp, Patatas Bravas, or a good ol’ american (veggie?) burger! You name it, you make it ;).

I stole this from the unMonastry Pasta fest, on why we should cook together: Social eating helps people interacting and creating bonds. It’s something intimate and go beyond any language limit. Cooking together makes the experience even richer and offers the opportunity to share with others.

So that’s why we’ll all cook together at the first day of the International Community Event Spot the Future in Tbilisi on June 24th.

Bauhaus has been so friendly to lend us their cafe for us to sling something up in the kitchen!

How does it work? You think of what you want to cook, bring the ingredients, and we’ll make ourselves some nice dishes. Not everybody needs to think of a dish, we need assistants as well (I mean, the veggies are not going to cut themselves!). Propose ideas below!

Date: 2014-06-24 15:00:00 - 2014-06-24 18:00:00, Asia/Tbilisi Time.



wowowoow. Super excited about this!!!

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Time and address?

Whoa you actually looked up Clătite?! (pankakes in Romanian). I’m in of course!

It should be sometime starting 19:00?

we’ll probably head there together with everyone after we finish at International School of Economics, our location for daytime activities & sessions.

Bauhaus address:  Abo Tbileli str. 5

Phone: +995 593 94 62 82

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bauhauscafetbilisi

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Great idea))

It is a really great idea to cook by ourselves. I am in. I think we can make national  dishes.  Really liked the idea.

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I am currently living in a small eco-community in Portugal, and we cook together every day 3 times, learning so many different things that one could actually get a diploma on cooking international food at the end… but living under the sky, in a 1000 star hotel, which is the tent, who cares about diplomas?:slight_smile:

I am glad there is a cooking-together initiative in Tbilisi! Looking forward to it!


looking forward to it :slight_smile:

@amiridina what about ur proposal of some traditional egyptian food ?:slight_smile:

Veggie food, yes i!

What a great initiative! I would love to cook some Moroccan food for you guys but except the ingredients I would need the special clay pots/tagines to cook in…anybody might help me find those in Tbilisi? frown

Otherwise I would be happy to cook/help with veggie food - pasta, salads, rice, lentils, etc

I will bring some Moroccan spices too!


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Very generous

That’s very generous, @Anna Kamay, thanks!

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