List of Single Template Pages + Forms in order of priority

Noted thanks - I’ll do that going forward

I’ve created some of them:
Company minisite Page 2: About us

Company minisite Page 3: Services

Company minisite Page 4: Methods

Company minisite Page 8: Impact Strategy

For the others I was not sure how to adapt it to the template that we have. I’m happy to work more on it if I have more instructions from @nadia and @owen

@kajafarszky feel free to contact me if you need help with Polish texts. I can add registration form to the wiki if needed.

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For the moment I think I’m managing somehow (with my slavic roots, croatian as a mother tongue :wink: ), adding the registration form to the wiki would be helpful. Thanks!

:slight_smile: this link to registration form:

So, these are all working now - there were a couple of missing closing tags in some of the posts, I have fixed them and a separate issue with the form rendering.

I have set up aliases, until we have domains set up for each site:

topic: 13830
alias: covid19-health

topic: 13832
alias: covid19-resilient-livelihoods

topic: 13833
alias: covid19-coworking

topic: 13835
alias: covid19-resilient-livelihoods-pl

topic: 13836
alias: newsletter

topic: 13837
alias: econscifi-event

Aliases can be added/modified here: Edgeryders Webkit Directory

Some additional work on the layout is needed for some of these pages, so I will do this next. These will be tweaked for Monday - along with the RezNet site which is using a different template.

In the meantime, @kajafarszky @nadia some of the work can be done on visually differentiating them with header images - if you can find ones that fit each page that would be a huge help. @nadia if you need specific typography, color or layout adjustments for each page let me know. Most of this can be done in the configuration topic.