Lote3 countdown : summary & videos of community call Oct 4th

Yesterday we’ve very much enjoyed the presence of [K], [Dorotea], [Vidrij Da], [mishek], [Nadia], [Ben], [msanti], [havartu], [thereallex].

This is to let everyone know where we are, if you like what you’re reading and would like to get involved more in these last weeks do join us in our next call, Monday 7th October in our usual hangout space, 11 am CET: Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

  • Following on the latest round of Lote3 confirmations, we will be expecting over 100 people in Matera end of this month, a third of which are Italians, including lovely Materani. [Rita O] didn’t make it to the call, so updates on the new conference venues are forthcoming.
  • We’re also moving fast towards a scheduled program for the event, building in a new Program page to replace /t/lote3/312/program

    Actionable: Noemi and Alex working on it, both to assemble the sessions and making them look nice and clear to participants.

  • finally and most importantly, we all got super enthusiastic about throwing a twitterstorm to promote key Lote sessions. In format it would be similar to the unMonastery twitter conference we did, but different in its goals: we’d aim to 1) promote Lote3 & the sessions 2) generate more questions that should be answered while in Matera 3) raise everyone’s stakes in fleshing out Lote3, propose new sessions and increase the chances of valuable outcomes for a larger group of people.

    Tentative time for the storm: Friday Oct 11th 11 am cet, what do other people think? (there’s also preference for an afternoon twitterstorm though).


    Nadia, Ben: Select key sessions in each track that would both merit a shout out & benefit from more ideas

    ​Noemi, Dorotea ++: core team to compose a set of tweets for most promising sessions + hashtags.

    Session leaders: make a list of people who can bring valuable contributions to their sessions; these people would be pinged in the twitterstorm.

    Noemi, Nadia: Official announcement & Invitation to the twitterati with instructibles - coming up by Tuesday

    Noemi: Mobilize the Lote3 social media team to drive engagement as active twitterers  eg through the newsletter

    Ben: code twitter embed and google doc page for edgeryders.eu as a “live feed of the twitterstorm”

The video below is a short summary of our meetup that you can watch to get a better sense of the above.

Tech development & platform infrastructure: In addition, you can listen to Ben and Alex’s reflections on upgrading the way the ER platform aggregates & makes a huge amount of content available and easy to grasp by members and site visitors. paging [Matthias] & [guaka] on this.

On growing engagement: The risk with a growing community is that we end up with a lot of passive observation, so we need ways to harvest outcomes by 1) focus on a culture of acknowledgement and encouragement 2) team of people take responsibility of harvesting and acknowledging people, art of hosting as a reference 3) Video? Also listen to David’s useful thoughts below (from 4’55’’ onwards)…


Ok im on it!

thanks for taking the time to put this together Noemi, it is super helpful <3.


I second that <3

Going to pick up some tasks today :slight_smile:

venue update and more

hi guys, on Friday I’ve been discussing with people from MT2019 Commitee about the venue and equipments needed.

The good new is that works should start tomorrow, finally I know that I’d already announced it two weeks ago, but it seems to be true at this moment!): we asked to the Municipality to work so to make the first floor of the UnMonastery building available for lote and, in addition, they’ll lend us three more rooms in front of it (they seem to be large enough, I’ll make some evaluation and be more precise in the next days). I’ve asaked also for 70 seats and at least 5 tables; in addition we have 15 big cushions (1x1,60 m) to seat on the floor.

I find it great that you [Noemi] will try to make a clearer program: if I could have the most likely version in advance I’ll translate it in Italian so to involve more and more people from Matera who could be very interested in more than one session. I’m talking to various persons but the platform seems to be too hard for them.

About the twitterstorm: let’s fix day and time and I’ll involve people from MT2019 in advance. See you soon!

Great work!

Very good work, thank you guys.

My two cents: I suggest the Twitterstorm (great idea, by the way):

  • concern \#LOTE3 as a whole, not the sessions. Of course we can and should have tweets about individual sessions.
  • be seriously bilingual, English and Italian with a sprinkling of other languages. We might ask the Matera crowd to do a Facebookstorm – they tend to use Facebook better than Twitter. Anyhow, I would try to involve locals in this.
  • move it from Friday am to early in the week. If we are trying to get media attention, Friday is a bad idea because the weeked will dampen attention: someone tinking of writing a post or a newspaper article on the Friday will either do it immediately or not at all, because Monday resets the news cycle.

But, this is your baby and you guys make the decisions, since who does the work calls the shots. I can help, but not on Friday (flying).

our target audience: Loters and outer communities

We are not trying to attract media attention in particular, but it would be a good side effect, in so far as press coverage can be a side matter. It may be mostly a yes or no answer, and in that case I’d say no? Resource wise, if someone feels strongly about media let me know, we’d need to prepare a press pack & all the jazz. It was my impression throughout Friday’s discussion that the main thing to achieve with a twitterstorm is more influence of the sessions & content. The point that i made was that instead of relying heavily on leaders to prepare and seed the content, the twitterstorm in itself can generate an amount of insights that otherwise might not come - an example is from Lote participants who havent been engaged so far, we are in fact lowering the threshold to become an active part in the discussion, by coming up with their own questions that they can then be prompted to elaborate on. Monday sounds good, also gives us a bit more time to prepare & could assume we’re better rested.

Thanks a lot

  • for putting up your conversations! I agree with Alberto and think that the documentation of single sessions are important, but the question is: Besides the documentation who do you want to reach with the Twitter storm and recognizable should it be - therefore putting the emphasis on lote3 seems like good idea…

While watching the videos and saw that Ben chatted about publiclab.org. Since some time I wanted to share this: http://vienna.impacthub.net/design-for-impact  Maybe you know Impact Hub already? I am in good contact with the coordinator in Berlin - maybe also a crowd to get connected to int he future?

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Caroline

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