Twitterstorm for dummies: how we'll do a press conference on Twitter – and that means you, too!

We have no idea how a press conference on Twitter is going to pan out, of course. But it sounds like fun, so we’ll try it anyway. Everyone is welcome join in and help. It’s super-easy. Here is how it works:

  1. Monday 23rd September at 10:55 am CET tune in on Twitter. Open a window with a search for \#unmon – click here to do so in one click.
  2. while you are at it, follow @unmonastery and @edgeryders
  3. at 11.00 am sharp @unmonastery will start tweeting the relevant content. It will be, well, tweets. There will be links to the most relevant pieces of information: the websites for the unMonastery and \#LOTE3, the unMonastery application form, the visuals with the space itself. Retweet them! Tweets will be rotated at least 3-4 times: don't be afraid to retweet every iteration. In Twitter this is not a violation of netiquette.
  4. Tweets will go out in English and Italian. If you are Italian and most of your followers are Italian too, focus on retweeting the Italian content.
  5. If your native language is neither English nor Italian, feel free to translate one or more tweets into your language. It would be so cool if we got tweets out there in 10-12 languages! Don't forget the hashtag: media people who participate will be following the hashtag.
  6. Also, be creative. RT is good, but MT (Modify Tweet for those new to Twitter) is better! Make jokes, add your point of view, it's all good. The more you do so, the better.
  7. After a bit of this, Ben and some Italian spokesperson will take questions through Twitter. Again, RT both questions and answers.
  8. Don't stop at Twitter! If you like Facebook, by all means reshare links through your Facebook account. We will do the same.
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posted it on lanyrd just incase


I know, lanyrd is for online and offline confs, but why not posting a twitter conf too. Please, attend/track etc

do we have a standard procedure to request a micro-twitterstorm

For the event: create the event and call everyone on twitter?


ideally you would have a post announcing it: purpose, day, time + hashtag. but i think even for a micro twitterstorm as you call it you’d need to prepare days ahead, otherwise it’s not a storm :)

so the magic starter of twitter storm is

a post&an event.

May be list of tweets, or a link to a text/texts from which the tweets are taken?

Yes, 2 days in advance is not a storm. And a little swirl can be made on the spot, so no need to plan.

Why micro?

You can’t pre-determine the size of a Twitterstorm. You push it out as best as you can, and hope it go get really big. The excitement of being part of a large swarm in action is the only reward you can give to participants: if you decide beforehands you are going to stay small most people are not going to be interested. You might as well not bother!

Yes, storms are huge and unpredictable. I think I was thinking about another species. It is smaller. I know they exist. May be tey should not be classified at all.