Lote4 countdown #2: Organising our stay in Matera and expectations

The second of two updates since last week, co-authored by Katalin. First post available here, concerns tickets and travel grants.

To everyone who will be or is considering attending Lote4, I’m collating here latest developments for Lote4, hope it makes your lives easier so you can go ahead and plan your stay, and make it as enjoyable as possible!

The event day to day plan

21, 22 October: Harmonious Hackathon with @Alberto @Danohu @Remy @Marc @Leo and others. One of the projects - Kiderwind, starts on the 20th.

23: Arrival of participants and conference opening in the afternoon

24, 25, 26: Conference days, ending on the 26th in the afternoon. Expect an unConference here too, if someone has thoughts on how to unorganise this do share them, otherwise we may end up with a healthy dose of chaos :slight_smile:

27: Farewell to Matera


The Hackathon program is mostly done, if you however have a session to propose now’s the last call to do it (here’s how). Fellow LOTErs, please consider registering ahead for one of the 3 main hackathon tracks, it helps plan logistics and meals.

The Lote4 program is in the making, over a dozen sessions have been put forward and we expect as many more to come. In the upcoming week a first draft of a proper schedule will be posted online so session leaders can ok it.

Venue: unMonastery

Both the hackathon and main event will take place at unMonastery, which is also the meeting point and place to go to check in for the event (how to get there).

The unMonastery is much more than our conference venue, it is a space with a meaningful recent history where 14 community members used to live and work in the spring of 2014. It’s also equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen.

Our hosts: unMonasterians, although not in full formation, will be there 24/24, and offered to take on the responsibility of keeping the space clean, safe and friendly, reproducing at least part of the house habits and internal “rules”. House rules will be posted, unMonasterians (@Bembo_Davies, @katalin, @Kei, @mariabyck, @Ben, and the rest) will be easily identifiable and there to answer any questions about the unMonastery and the building. Some of their established customs, such as Zero Waste, opening and closing circles, morning practice, sharing meals, etc. will continue throughout LOTE. Most of these are open to everyone to join - but we should ask first and try not to impose. The building closes after closing circles (around 11pm) as the morning bell rings at 7am.

Can you sleep at the unMonastery? Not unless you have been invited to or agreed in advance with @Bembo_Davies. Unlike last year’s Lote, the space is a core supporting pillar of the conference with its own infrastructure and house norms, rather than surrogate accommodation. Let’s think of ourselves as guests.

If you have an emergency or simply can’t afford any other place in Matera whatsoever, get in touch immediately at noemi@edgeryders.eu and we’ll find something for you.

Recommended: short summary about the unMonastery prototype, please read it before you come.


Count on morning snacks, coffee and daily lunch, all served at the unMonastery during the event. Everyone who’s ever experienced Italy or on the contrary, conferences where eating time was overlooked understands the need for real consideration of food, and as such we’re also discussing community cooked meals in the evening: can you help cook, shop, even clean up after? Let Natalia and Katalin know about this as they gear up. (Sign-up sheets will be posted in the unMonastery and online.)

Book your travels and accommodation!

Finally, have you booked already for Matera?! Don’t wait up, make travel arrangements now… Myself, Alberto, Nadia, Matthias, @danohu, @Patrick already did so. Be sure to check:

  1. How to get to Matera and unMonastery?
  2. The travel & accommodation wiki with recommendations and offers, especially if you want to rent and share a flat!…

Photo from bembodavies.com


Thanks Noemi, this is very helpful.

Next update is from me about the event program and sessions.

Wow, beautiful post!

What would we do without you, Noemi?

Thanks to Katalin

She helped frame it better. Turns out @Katalin is becoming quite an advanced user of Edgeryders, being content manager and all.

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@Noemi, in case there are questions about accomodations, let me know, i can help with that