[Lote4 tickets] Do local engagement and outreach in Matera | Basilicata

The challenge is “How to tell the story of the LOTE4 in Matera and the Region in a way that appeals to the interests and needs of those  groups?”. More specifically, how to engage Materani and people in Basilicata to participate actively in LOTE4: present their initiatives, the story of what they are doing and why, and answer questions and comments here on the platform.

As coordinator for the team doing the outreach and engagement in Matera, it is your responsibility to deliver the desired outcomes. And to support the rest of the team in the work of achieving the goals.

Description of activities

Go through a list of relevant organisations and actors in Matera built in collaboration with the unMonasterians and Comitato Matera 2019. @Ben has this list.

1. Schedule one-on-one meetings with each one on the list, tell them about what we are doing, and record a video with them that has a set of key questions:

  • Summary of your project?
  • What is stewardship to you?
  • How does your project relate to it?
  • Who is crucial to stewardship with respect to your work and in Matera/Basilicata in general.
  • Who is doing the most work to address challenges in Matera?
  • What questions or problems do you have to ask the other participants from Matera....how about the ones coming from abroad? What are you expecting/contributing to LOTE?
  1. Engage the subjects of the videos into proposing a session or activity in the LOTE4 event program.

3. Every week: Post videos and blogposts featuring projects in Basilicata on the edgeryders platform. Add Tweets and FB updates about LOTE4 and projects in Basilicata in Italian on the social media calendar

  1. Engage people with local projects in Matera | Basilicata to create an account on Edgeryders and participate in the online conversation on the platform.


  • number of people reached
  • number of people signed up on Edgeryders platform from Matera
  • number of local participants in the LOTE4 program.

Steps to get your Lote4 ticket

  1. Complete the activities described. If you need help don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment below.

  2. Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

This task belongs to the team: Storytelling team. Go there to get in touch with others who are part of the team and can help!

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Interested in this?

Ping @Marc

I thought you might be interested in helping out with this Marc since you’ll be in Matera during the next few months - let me know if you want to discuss further!

Helping out

Hi @Ben,

Of course I can help. Tell me when you want to discuss about that!

See you!


in MateraSept 2-4

I will be in Matera from september 2-4 so could help with some one on one video interviews. Is the list mentioned above available somewhere online?


Hi @mariabyck, @Marc! To the best of my knowledge @NicoBis is taking a leading role on this so he;s the guy to talk to and list together organisations, plan some interviews and see who is approachable…

Starting September we’ll also have @Natalia Skoczylas at the unMonastery working to help with the set up for the event, so more power to us :slight_smile:

Time to start?

Last year when we held Lote also at unMonastery we came up with something to help us engage with the local people… We wrote and published an open letter to the community Matera 2019, in Italian, inviting people to join us and get involved in the organisation. It worked wonderfully - people offered to host conference participants, help cook meals together and so on.

Can we consider writing maybe a post in Italian to launch engagement - explaining we are looking for projects on stewardship and want to meet the initiators? We could then publish it in Italian media and social media groups. Or maybe you guys already have tons of personal contacts?

I think this could work, if not for making new contacts, at least for starting to be visible in key spaces.

Helping out in Matera

Hi all,

I live in Matera and I would like to help with this task, so just let me know what I can do.



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Lote4 Tickets for the people of Matera

Can someone tell me what the situation is with Lote4 Tickets for people who live in Matera? Do they have to contribute like everyone else, engage on the platform etc or do they have some type of “immunity”? There are many people I think would benefit from attending and we could benefit from having there, specifically at the hackathon, local architects, designers, programmers etc. So do we push prior engagement or have a number of tickets allocated for theses individuals with the hope to include them as future active Edgeryder members?  I think the latter has more potential and if so is there a session explaining Edgeryders for newcomers?

Inflation + service teams

A couple of weeks ago, we “inflated the currency” (the currency is LOTE4 tickets) making it much easier to earn one. I, for example, will end up earning 4 or 5. This is the equivalent of printing money: the extra tickets can be given away, and be considered as gifts from the hardworking people to everyone else. We can inflate more if need be :slight_smile:

Thinking about it, I would probably print pyshical tickets, and print upon them “built by collaboration. Thank you hardworking edgeryders!” or something like that. It kind of brings the point home: if you slacked, you still get to enjoy the conference because someone else did the work.

@katalin had a great idea about this at today’s community call: people that just walk though the door can be given small last-minute assignments. An interesting one is to be on the Garbage Team for one day: garbage is an issue, unMonasterians are very particular about aiming for zero waste and recycling as much as possible, and someone has to walk to the recycling bins probably more than once a day. This is a small, easy task that anybody can do.

Minimum requirement: people’s emails

@Lauren, @Alberto, even @NicoBis

I suggest that we send Natalia names + emails of everyone who you know is coming so she can get in touch with them and confirm. If they are reluctant to sign up here, they will be so on MakerFox too, so better to at least have their contacts so that we can pass them all conference -related info and updates, as well as engage them in follow up. Works?

Explaining Edgeryders to newcomers

This would be my session I think:

Wiring the swarm: Edgeryders collaboration dojo



This is a great idea. I can arrange some numbered tickets in blanco which we could later on sign with names and give to people we meet here, who want to come, seem interested and so on. I have some friends in Matera and I will meet them these days, so I hope they will do their word of mouth work back home. Besides that, I already made some friends with locals in the shops and art galleries on the way to the monastery, and I will come back to these places figuring out if and how they could participate in this event. I also meet Remy tonight, hoping for some serious brainstorming.

@NicoBis, @mariabyck have you

@NicoBis, @Mariabyck have you met most/all of the organisations? Is there anything missing from the list?

Small update:

  1. on the 7th of october there is the commision coming to Matrera. There will be a presentation of both Lote and unmonastery involved, they will also visit the site - I will prepare it. Hopefully @Marc and @Remy will be present as well.

  2. After the 7th we will prepare the equipment and decide about the rooms to use - hopefully we will know by then how many we need and what technical supplies will be necessary.

  3. Rita agreed on organising an open meeting with Fabrizio - it would be handy to know his dates, preferably it could take place a night before LOTE, in order to encourage the last bunch of people to come over.

  4. Food team is being patched, I also meet a lot of people and tell them about the conference, I hope to see them coming. They’re also interested in helping out with cooking and organising the food exchange.

  5. I am meeting a lot of criticism among those who’d seem to be the best allies and coworkers on site - there are strong, negative feelings about unmonastery here. I will try to build a common ground with them.

  6. The list of participants is being constantly updated on the google doc. I will review the minisite this week as well.

  7. By the 2 of october I will try to get the Italian version of the website. We have to also think of materials - I have an idea of making a small stencils workshops and producing some, that would show the way to the monastery, sprayed with temporary farbs. Let me know if that would work. We will surely need programs, I am sceptical though about leaflets - I’ll think of an alternative advertising.

Thanks for the updates…

…much appreciated!

  1. Don’t despair and don’t take it personal, we’re all trying our best and surely there’s support as much as there is resistance, depending on where you are looking. Nothing much to say here, but make the most out of meeting unMonasterians in town to get the whole picture.

7. I doubt we’ll be printing the program in numerous exemplars, we do need to think about having one displayed publicly on location. Nadia and I are thinking to have badges with colored stickers on them? example. Let’s discuss this on Thursday?