Wiring the swarm: Edgeryders collaboration dojo

As online communities go, Edgeryders is exceptionally advanced in its collaboration forms, from wikis to Twitterstorms. We might be on our way to becoming the best collaborators in the world. This session is where:

  1. we learn from each other how using these tools can make us better at developing our projects; what rights and obligations we have towards each other when we collaborate; and consider how we could improve even further.  Among other things, we will learn about:
  • How Edgeryders.eu came into being and why we collaborate online
  • How to involve people in the global conversation and in each other's projects.
  • Why, when and how to use posts, wikis, events.
  • Using tasks and the task manager.
  • All about engagement tools we are experimenting with: community calls, twitterstorms
  • Using the Makerfox to barter collaboration.
  1. we do an exercise of user experience on edgeryders.eu. The second half of the session is ran by @Björn_Ekblom & @Robert_TrashOut, who spent the two hackathon days in the unMonastery putting together a report of the usability and general needs for improving the ux.

Date: 2014-10-25 12:30:00 - 2014-10-25 12:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.