[Lote4 tickets] Join the #countonme mailinglist

#CountOnMe is a large scale effort where you, me and everyone we know helps spread daily Edgeryders news. In return, you get a chance to profile yourself and your work, build social capital around your own projects.

You get a daily email with 3 headlines, you share them with your friends and send in your own news in return through a simply email reply. These are picked up by the official ER social media accounts (>2000 followers on facebook and twitter alike) and become the next day’s network headlines which are again spread by everyone in the list… It’s fast and cheap.

  •  Task value 1/3 out Lote4 conference ticket 

How to complete this task

Sign up and leave a comment below telling us you are in the list and willing to spread the daily news. The task is completed when you are spreading the headlines on an almost daily basis. If in doubt, leave a comment and ask. Nothing happens on Edgeryders until we start interacting with each other.

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Steps to get your full Lote4 ticket

  1. By completing this task you are earning one third of the ticket, so you need to take on more tasks!

  2. Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

This task belongs to the Communications and social media team, go there if you want to meet the rest of the team members.

Who is already in the mailing list and sharing daily updates?

@RuxandraCreo@Henri Lefèvre, @amiridina, @Zhanna, @Hazem, @Inge.

Just making sure you guys know this counts for the ticket earning and it’s in the “books”. The team is bigger, but you seem to be contributing the most and this is visible on Edgeryders walls/ pages on facebook and twitter…

Any feedback so far from your audiences? Anything which can be improved so we all get better at doing social media in a distributed fashion?

crafting the tweets differently

To build an audience maybe we need to add hashtags like #community #stewardship #matera #bartering #P2P #unMonastery #socialinnovation #coworking #collaboration etc to the tweets… Suggest more and let’s try with the old tweets. What do you think? And why not embedding related interactive timelines of Tweets on the Edgeryders’ website. This will encourage more people to tweet no cut and paste, just one click retweet et voila!

@Natalia Skoczylas

to reach a larger audience you should use hashtags so that people who are interested in  subject like bartering for instance will see your tweet. They will either follow you or follow #themakerfox. I used #locality and was followed by Asset Transfer Unit helping to empower local people and organisations to transform land and buildings into vibrant community spaces.  To get more Edgeryders’ engaged embed an interactive timelines of tweets on the site.

Thoughts on #countonme

I, too, have been participating in the #countonme operation. I think that it is a great idea, and that we are onto something with this distributed communication thing.

I would like to know how we are doing so far. Since we are sharing goo.gl links, somebody (@Natalia Skoczylas?) should be seeing how much traffic those links are generated.

I have already seen an increase in overall traffic starting approximately on July 21st, but what I am interested here is: what kind of headlines generate most engagement? LOTE4 stuff? Stories from the community? Events? What style seems to work best?

Speaking about style, I would recommend to all the #countonme team to adapt Natalia’s headlines to their own style. Me, for example, I have a down-to-earth style: I tend to stay away from the language of commercial communication – for example I rarely use words like “amazing” or “awesome”. By adapting the headlines to my personal style, I both curate more my own feed and add personal credibility to the message, because my followers can tell that I am not copy-pasting. And this is important to them, and to all of your friends and followers too, because they chose to follow you, and are interested in what you have to say. When I have no time for curation, I just retweet someone else.


Subtitling videos for Edgeryders is worth half of a fancy LOTE4 ticket http://goo.gl/xjZUb9

Does not work for me. “Fancy” is not a word I use. Also, there are two things that I would improve: one, my followers typically don’t know what the hell LOTE4 is (and probably neither do yours, it takes time for awareness to sink in; two, my followers know I care about collaboration, as much of my professional activity concerns policy-oriented, Internet-mediated, large scale collaboration, and my professional activity is the reason why my followers follow me. Hence my tweet:

The conference you can pay only in collaboration, not money: subtitling videos s worth half of a ticket! goo.gl/xjZUb9 #LOTE4

Now, that’s better. It explains LOTE4 is a conference; it signals (by hashtag) that there is a feed about it; and it points out to its outstanding characteristic, namely that you pay in collaboration.

Did it work? Not much. I one hour, I got only one favorite and two retweets. On the other hand, of the two people that did retweet me, one is in Matera and has 1 948 followers; the other is in Milano and has 26 807 followers. I myself have 4 568. That’s not so bad. Also, by keeping doing this, I can occasionally get more retweets and reshares.

So, what is your own experience?

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I am attaching the printscreens of all the links we have posted in the messages (some of them I used twice, so I just copied the link in order to boost the traffic on the same url).

I think everyone who is retweeting and reposting the social media content preferably should do a bit of retouching - i agree the choice of words is very subjective and if you share content that is somehow yours as well, it is good to adjust it to your style. I am more concentrated on keeping the interest and choice, hoping that this would catch attention somehow.

What is my biggest concern is how to reach a bigger amount of people and make them share the stories. Do you know if those on the list really do share them? We can see that twitter works so so, considering what maybe I should change the strategy and craft three separate tweets instead of one very misterious one?

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What do we do?

Close this? Or keep going? Ping @Noemi

End of the year?

I think we should keep spreading headlines to the #countonme, focusing on key Lote4 follow up content that helps put a lot of the conversations over the last months into context… Daily might be too much, but weekly can be effective and light hearted… just my thought.

Agreed: Weekend reading, release every saturday morning

I think it makes complete sense to keep doing this but yes, once a week with a nice format: links to 3 longer reading pieces with beautiful pics, and a video for the weekend.