LOTE5 Community Call Vol. VII

Welcome to the 7th LOTE5 community call!

As every week, we meet between 10-11am on Wednesday to inform each other on how LOTE5 preparations and aspirations are going.

This week AGENDA:

  • Checkup on speakers reach out 

  • Program update

  • Venue final decision + rooms capacity and schedule

  • Participants counting system: update of the participant list

  • Strategic partners update

  • Embassy + other travel grants options

  • Brainstorming: how to interact with local Brusseleirs communities during the event

  • Brainstorming night/free time activities

  • Event budget approval.

For those of you that want to join we suggest you download Zoom, a very efficient hangout software that limits our over argumentative tendency by enabling itself at 10am and exploding at 11am. Here is the link to the scheduled call.

BEWARE: Next 10-11am Community Call will only be next week (9/12), this week you are all warmly invited to LOTE5 apéro (6:30pm online or Rue Pierre Decoster 75). See you there :slight_smile:

Date: 2015-12-09 09:00:00 - 2015-12-09 09:00:00, Europe/Paris Time.

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More topics

  1. Announcing the travel grants (and tying them to a number of tasks/areas of responsibility) as well as sorting out Visa materials for non-eu based participants. Previously it has been posting a number of posts: a) personal introduction in arrivals b) story/deeper reflection about personal relationship to failure c) proposal for session they are willing to lead d) high quality comments on relevant posts from other participants. e) take on practical task e.g translation of twitterstorm relase materials or writing newsletter or handling social media curation for two weeks or onboarding new arrivals for 2 weeks or something else.

  2. Onboarding new sign ups on platform: there has been a stream of new signups whom I believe did so due to interest in LOTE5. Usually people need to be contacted and helped to navigate the event and to get over the threshold of posting on the platform/starting to engage in the conversation. We need someone to drive this for two weeks.

  3. Dedicate a communication workshop on skype/in office for the comms team: planning activities, producing relevant materials e.g trailer, prompting participants to help spread information and engage others in contributing.

Failing at showing up for community calls

sorry guys, I got an invite to participate in a yoga class to raise funds for a waiter’s dream to become a train conductor. This.Is.Real. And obviously such a good idea I couldn’t say no. Let me know if there’s anything pertinent I should be aware of, I know I haven’t participated in any for #LOTE5

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Summary from today’s call

Venue: confirmed that we will be using the Smart.be venue. They need from us:

  • List of technical equipment needed

  • For Creative industries track: breakdown of all ways they can engage with the event and help make it a generative experience for everyone involved.

  • On friday they are running a big party for admin to which we are invited. Nice occasion to see how space works for 120 people, as well as to meet the admin/decision makers in the organisation and introduce edgeryders, Starts art 19:30.

  • They also want to run an event in Mollenbeek Molenbeek :slight_smile: on the history of Italian immigration to Belgium. Relevant to @Anton_Sabbe's work: perhaps we can host a discussion with people who remember, kids of immigrants and grassroots orgs. As well as people currently in asylum seeking process. Possible for KBC to finance food/drinks and documentation of the event as part of the research/consultation process?

Onboarding new participants/signups: 

-  Step 1:  Get them to post hello and personal introduction in arrivals to make it easier for people with complementary interests and relveant knowledge to connect with them

  • Who can take responsibility for going through list of newcomers, welcoming them and helping them to get over the newcomer threshhold?

Moneyfinding: one of irene send out sponsorship proposal in exchange for ticket to lote5. one pager and right package and some more metrics. Can use http://agency.edgeryders.eu/ as reference.

  • Kira will contact Belgian tax authorities for data about size of target market for smart.be

  • Nadia and Irene will look at the one-pager sent to Lionel, and boost with numbers and improved information about offering.

-European Cultural foundation: Irene will get in touch regarding partnership with event.

Travel grants: We have agreed that we will send query to all embassies rather than expect participants to do the paperwork involved.

  • We need template translated into German (Hegazy? Matthias? Caroline? Susa?) and Italian (Irene will do)

  • We need to sent out the email to all embassies by tomorrow (Nadia will email German speakers and ask for quick translation help today)

  • Irene will check about the criteria and process/paperwork required for the other funding opportunity (not ECF)

Speakers and program: Noemi has gotten a few replies to email. Better to call and confirm as well as help set title/topic. Then update the program manually.

Practical needs?

Thanks for the suggestions!  I don’t have an operational budget, but I can find out if support can be offered.  Can you give me an idea about the extent of the practical needs (food and drink, documentation, …)?  I really cannot promise anything, but I’m certainly willing to do my best!

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Ok will put together a list and post tomorrow

Thank you Anton, appreciate the effort. I’ll check with @KiraVde and @ireinga, what we already have managed to source and what we still need help with. Will post a short list here tomorrow.

ok here’s the list!

Hi Anton, as promised I put together a budgeted list (you can see the detailed breakdown too), and highlighted the ones we could especially use help securing in yellow here: http://bit.ly/1TKQxGV

What do you think?

Damn, I’m too busy these days so I guess I don’t have time to translate the letter into Armenian. Do you think you can send them the letter in English and French? Pretty sure if they are interested they would get back to you even if it’s not in Armenian. @Nadia

Don’t stress, it’s all good :slight_smile:

Anna don’t worry, English is fine. I sent a first round of emails each slightly different to see which ones draw a response. heard back from Swedish embassy, fingers crossed :slight_smile: I’ll send the rest to all the other embassies in English. If you can help with the accommodations and travel coordination that would be more than enough <3

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Is Italian translation still needed?

I also didn’t find the time this weekend. @Nadia did you already send it in English?


Perfect! Thanks a lot! Yes, I can take care of accommodation + travel coordination for non-EU participants. Is there a draft of the text to be sent to CSers in Brussels or shall i work on it?

Who and when needs to fill in the form ? Is it for all the participants? Shall we have it online for them to fill in or send to selected participants’ email address?

What do you think?

Anna, last years we had a wiki online and people would fill in their information. That works quite well… but less so if people need to share personal info (ID numbers). If we’re going with a google form, we can embed it here online (tried it below). If it’s embedded, we also have a comments section to offer help. Works? We start by sending it to everyone who registered, but is also accessible immediately to new people.

I shared with you access to the Lote5 drive, if you get started on the couchsurfers letter see there other example of texts.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot @Noemi! We definitely can not have people’s personal info public, so let’s send the google form to the registered participants. How do we make it accessible for newcomers?

Will work on the text to send on CS during the week.

Thanks for your help!

Remind me again why the form?

Hi Anna, how’s the work going, can I help? I was redoing the minisite for Lote5 and thinking where travels would be best organised.

Do we use the form only for non EU participants (not too many!) or for all? If for all, it means you will be taking care of travels in general, alongside Irene?

We also have the travels and accommodation team for this (repurposed so it’s not just Venue team, but includes most logistics).

So what I’ve done so far, is updating my profile info on the platform as well as CS. Next thing I’ll do is composing the perfect text that I would personalize and start sending to CSers in Brussels. Question: CSers like to know who exactly they host, so I can’t be vague about this. I’d need to know exactly who is willing to Couchsurf during the event, number of days they want to stay in Brussels, etc. Do you think I should start sending out the requests without waiting for the participants’ database?

Just added myself to the travels and accommodation team. I am up to take care of accommodation mostly but can help @Irene with travels too(maybe non EU participants as I have experience with that?). I think we can have a general form for everyone and then the ones who need help/support with visas, etc they can contact us and we send them the special form with the personal details? What do you think?

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Molenbeek :slight_smile:

Mollenbeek would translate into stream full of moles.

Otherwise very nice summary Nadia, thank you.

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