Make a facebook event page


We probably need to go more public and use effectively channels outside this platform in the remaining 10 days to the workshop. This shouldn’t be difficult now that we have gathered a first batch of stories from Bucharest (a lot of content in this group!), over 15 people registered and interesting sessions proposals.

Let me know what you think. I suggest a facebook event page with a clear instruction to register on for the workshop, and adding links to the following:

1. Call for registration (10-15 more spots, unless other people already here forgot to register officially)

  1. Who’s coming already (I just built this page)

  2. Agenda v1.0 (we need to move the draft here into a wiki post & maybe a digital poster?)

Any other ideas?

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Is it ok?

You can find the event here:

Please join, share or invite friends! The event is in Romanian. If you want me to change something, please tell me. Or I can give access to other people.


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Thanks Lucian! it seems you found your way around here quickly.

I say for registrations we’ll give it a couple more days, I notice Bucharest seems to be offline over the weekends because of the good weather.

So task closed :slight_smile: