Make a final decision and the first move with the Viral Academy Georgia

At Futurespotters, @ericnbarrett told me he is up for doing this project, but he had been filtering out Edgeryders notification from his email because of too high a number of them coming through.

@inge, I am asking you to do one last attempt on this: you will probably need to contact Eric by phone or something, because he will probably not see this otherwise. What we would like to see is:

  1. Georgian Futurespotters tweaking the wiki, if and as needed.
  2. Then, asking for a meeting to the EU office in Tbilisi and ask for their advice. Specifically:
  • Do they recommend a specific call? Which one?
  • What do they think of a mixed EU/non-EU consortium? Do we need a university lab in the consortium in their opinion? Would it be OK to have a consortium with not only Georgians, but also Egyptians and Armenians, as well as EU partners?

Then, we do a hangout or something and decide what to do at this point.

If we don’t hear from you in a couple of weeks, we will assume you (Eric, Mamaduka, Inge etc.) are not interested. We do not get offended in this case: we totally appreciate you guys are busy people, and we will still be friend. However, in our opinion this project cannot happen without you, so we will drop the idea and move on. Does that work for you?

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Yes! Had a talk with Eric about it as well, I just have to be a ‘pushy’ with him as he is so busy, he told me :). I will leave for a conference in Budapest tomorrow, so next week probably nothing will happen. @ericnbarrett what about a meeting Monday the 7th of July? Perhaps 3pm, or 4pm?

How about a hangout?


Should we do a hangout? Non of the VA crew could come to Tbilisi for the Futurespotters, unfortunately, but this is not a reason not to keep the conversation going and line up some actionables. There is a lot written about VA, structure, methodology, server, but we never had a chance to chat about it in practical terms. @inge @ericnbarrett @fortyfoxes?

Storytelling Hackaton


Going forward, a curriculum would help a long way to develop viral academy Georgia. Follow up on the activity of Swarmcomms  can be build on, taking on the conversation that follows this path is having a “community journalist” bridging communication flows between offline and online environment’s. “how we do the knowledge discovery and sensemaking in our online platform,?”. Another idea floated was to develop a “Jargon” and make a wiki for saying a lot in too less.

One of the outcomes of conducting a hackaton on making “storytelling kit” at futurespotters is to develop VA lessons on radio podcast . A case study was done at Futurespotters Georgia for live radio podcasting the meaningful discussions at different spaces within the conference using mobile apps were recorded (and can be “listen” at platform spreaker, goto the profile and click on “tracks” tab to see a list of different audio podcasts of the sessions on group working during the conference for developing the agenda

By next week I would also be able to organize and tag under categories of different video recordings as testimonials of the participants.

Also,  @alessandro Mambelli conducted a session to “connect visually” with people and project you love, and other related viral connections in the making can be the starting point for expanding the team of VA Georgia and can be invited in the upcoming scheduled hangouts.

Lastly, I just gone through some quick counting on the feedback on the agenda, that shows a good deal of interest shown by the participants by taking initiation to document their intended actionable’s on the platform to the on-going conversation, (which is, as of 28 june 2014, in last one month 62 comments have been posted on 11 events item posted under agenda) in addition comments on twitters, facebook  and other platforms are all good resource to build on.