Masters of Networks - request for info

Hello dear ERs,

I’m looking for more information about the hackaton “Masters of Networks”.

My friend @MoE and I will arrive in Brussels on Saturday morning and would like to register for it.

Our train is arriving at Midi at 10.00. At what time will it start and, roughly, end?

Also, how can we best prepare for it? Are there already any guidelines?

Sorry for the many questions, I can’t wait to meet you and work with you on this experience!



joining MoN

I asked some info to @Alberto; here's a couple hints about what we can expect:
  • the hackathon will start slightly earlier than 10 and there's no planned ending.

    If I got it right, there is a chance for it to keep going on Sunday (depending on the level of participation).

  • there will be a brief, which would be ideal to hear; but if we miss it, it is likely that we can get some help to catch up.

Anyone who can expand on this, please do: any additional hint would be ace. Anyways, this is implicitly to also say: I’m in for MoN. I won’t be able to be 100% sure until the last moment, because of the nature of my job, but I bought the ticket already. It must be a real emergency, for me not to come. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to be there and meet you in person,

s  t  e

Bring on the Masters!

Welcome, @dora! @MoE speaks highly of you, so I am very glad to meet you on Edgeryders and look forward to seeing the two of you at MoN4.

Do not worry: you will have a full program well ahead of time. We will also publish data and software to be installed, or links thereto. For now, let me share with you some information.

  • The main man, the master of the Masters, is of course Guy @melanconsmiley
  • There are two main ideas on the table. The first one is to look at methods to carry out the analysis of what we are calling semantic social networks. By this we mean social networks where edges carry semantics. This is possible and indeed already prototyped in Edgeryders, because the conversation induces a social network (made visible by Edgesense), and ethnographic software (Open Ethnographer) allow to associate meaning to each edge. The result is pretty interesting, because your data end up inducing two deeply related networks: a person-to-person one and a ethnographic code-to-ethnographic code one, where two codes (or tags, or keywords) are connected if they co-occur in the same interaction. Interrogating these twin networks in empirical research is a near-absolute first. This is going to be the main method of OpenCare.
  • The second idea on the table is to look at Wikipedia data concerning health. We have a lengthy thread on this, and another volley of hackathon-related comments in an even longer thread on our first open meeting. I attempted a summary here

Any preference? We can’t promise to do what you ask, but we will consider your opinion!