Media and Information Literacy and Open Learning in public libraries

Hi, I’m Åke and I am a project leader working at the Digital Library & Media dept of Stockholm Public Library. Within the scope of improving digital skills and media and information literacy among library staff I run a small learning lab called (The MIL Lab). Through the lab I want to inspire learning about the open web, FOSS and open tech, with the aim to strengthen these perspectives in our digital learning initiatives in our libraries. Fomenting an internet culture that respects privacy and digital rights is core. Through hands-on workshops, reading and reflections I hope the lab will contribute to the building of ethical, open and social learning environments for librarians and the public. Looking forward to connecting with people interested in developing collaborative projects within these areas. More about me:


Hi, I am Vladimir, from Espoo, Finland, Founding Member of MyData Global, NGO. I develop a solution to reduce digital gap/inequality of Access to Learning: issues of underserved groups.

A published book can be re-produced in one UNIQUE indiviDUAL copy for private use (Copyright’s Fair Use), uniquely adjusted to the needs & issues of a reading person, leveraging PERSONALLY (MyData solutions) individual “digital breadcrumbs” - the data from our digital behaviour, vs. legacy internet access via GAFAM business interests, abusing our dignity. Like it was in pre-digital times “my house - my fortress”, we may utilise personal data profile “MyData - my NON-HACKABLE interface” at SMART Book’s AI Edge, i.e. not surrending our free will to Big Brother. Because it’s not possible to hack a PHYSICAL object/ always-offline indiviDUAL book, printed on-My-demand.

Decentralised local printing in public libraries /‘3D-printing’ of books, includes paper form-factor AND digital formats, like audio, AR, Large Print etc., utilizing digital master file via Text-to-Speech/,

Thanks to my 20+ years implementations of information logistics /digital & security printing solutions I’d like to offer the eco-wrapping to public library book, that works as interface for secure Access&Interaction, from physical image at book jacket - to ETHICAL digital services.

We discuss at MyData Global, how to disseminate our communities best practices of human-centric internet. I need experts opinion/discussion on my vision of access from uniquely labelled mass products (trusted public service: library book): via security printed MyData Label/Library of best practices, in1click at SmartPaper book jacket’s (FAIRdata) logo, in book’s TOpRIght corner (as ScanTORI habit - from Accessibility Law obligation in S.Korea: VoicEye codes, printed in top right corner of documents make them sound audio).

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Hi Åke, really happy to see you here! Will you be at Internetdagarna?

I’m also quite curious to know what you think about the current mapped focus areas of the NGI Policy Lab. I’m curious because I would like to understand what state it is at – how well does it actually map to the needs and focal points of people working to democratize the internet “on the ground”. For example, what is your reaction to the “Ten Challenges of the Internet” as defined there? Do you agree? Is something missing?

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Wow, this sounds really interesting Vladimir. Do you collaborate with Espoo Library on this?

In our library system we don’t facilitate self publishing but it would be an interesting thing to try out in the future. Curious to know more about your ”one and unique copy” concept.

We also need to look deeped into the issue of potential personal data leakage consequences of DRM and ebook lending.

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Thanks hugi :slight_smile:

No I won´t be at Internetdagarna this year, but will instead set up a small hub at my workplace so that collegues can follow the streamed sessions.

Thanks for sharing the NGI policy lab findings. Awesome material. Will dig into it this week and get back to you asap with my thoughts on the issues.

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Hi Åke,

nice to hear of your interest. More info for library is here*.

Yes, I spoke to most of bigger libraries in HelMet area (Espoo,
Helsinki, Vanta),
and librarians/CEO’s see (biased, imho) same issues as you’ve mentioned:

  • Copyright: I speak to lawyers also. Advice from them: start sampling
    of technology use cases with ‘in public domain’ books. I will:
    see the Espresso Book Machine business model
    ( & video (

  • Costs: I know exactly (I am practitioner in digital print) why my
    solution’s costs are lower than the legacy library acquisitions:
    STOLIC-LUX business model** & (about 15 newest) technologies (Appendix
    7 of
    logistics is streamlined; manual jobs of librarians - eliminated;
    circular economy enabling; books for Visually Impaired subvention.

  • Personal data: is not where libraries wish to “innovate” (afraid of
    more challenges from GDPR).
    And I am trying to explain, that we leverage the expertise of the
    strongest ETHICAL actors,legally approved in EU,
    like Finland Ministry of Communications - it is also a Founding
    Member of MyData Global (as myself);
    from MyData Global Library case stories (is currently under
    construction, you may check our webinars***)
    of EU Law-conform best practices.

  • Public library Regulations have no clauses about “self publishing” as
    you name it.
    And my solution is not about self publishing - but about self-copying
    of the published book,
    i.e in Conformity with Fair Use exceptions from the Copyright
    And this is the scariest issue for libraries (and misunderstood by
    most of publishers****) - I need more discussion on this.



****More about Sweden and Nordic libraries digitalisation, from Jesper
Klein: watch 1 minute at 30:30 and 38:00 of this video

I used his slide (slide 4 in my Library Pitch): Pareto rule is not
relevant for the digital era

I am glad to answer more questions,
and please watch the discussions from the Marrakesh Treaty Oodi seminar

Best regards,


Åke Nygren via Edgeryders kirjoitti 2019-11-10 14:18:

I see you have loads of interesting material and project ideas. Great. Thanks for clarifying that you do self-copying, not self-publishing. A very interesting area indeed that needs to be developed. Will check out the links and dig more into the subject, looking forward to catching up later.

@akenyg, this sounds great! We are very happy to have you here! I was wondering if this event that is part of the Edgeryders Festival, located in Stockholm and deals with FOSS and education might be interesting for:

Would be great to have you there and/or some colleagues collaborators you think might be interested.

Tickets are free, one pays just with thoughtful contributions to the discussions here and an introduction of themselves and their projects as you just did :slight_smile:

ping @erik_lonroth

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Thanks for the invite! :slightly_smiling_face: I’d be very happy to assist and will check with my work place if I can be out of office that day. Will also check with some collegues who might be interested also.


I have now checked with my workplace and I will be able to assist the course :blush: Looking forward to it! Do you need more info from me for the registration? Please let me know also if you need help with something.


That’s amazing! @erik_lonroth, will start a thread for more detailed planning in the next few days :). You guys should start talking.

Also, @akenyg, we are planning the food for the day, will there be any other colleagues of yours joining?


Nice! I just blogged about the event here: and have also sent personal invites to my collegues who are involved in digital development, IT coaching and Media and Information Literacy training.

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Hi Åke, we spoke in Edgeryders community on my idea, MyData IndiviDUALbooks.

I’ve just noticed your 1 year old post dd.19.11.2019 Lär dig att lära ut Open Source. Could you answer my 2 questions, please?

Do you have in Sweden the same problems that I was told by Finnish Uni library CEO (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences): 1. Very high costs of e-book licenses for library procurement, i.e. predator policy of publishers, esp. for textbooks? 2. Too many e-book platforms and proprietary management software (SW), from each e-book vendor / from vendor SW groups?

My team F¡NDS* has won the NordicSmartCityHack last week and we’ll pitch on Nov. 19th 2020
to “the Swedish Institute, H22 City of Helsingborg and the European Innovation Councils Business Acceleration Services. The pitch’s aim: to explore the possibilities for the winning solutions to scale and become real tools for the good of society”.

*F¡NDS is our brand name, the recent #NordicSmartCityHack Award winning startup solution, #Nordic Library+ Network. Watch 3 minutes at 20:30 Team SAVA. And 4 minutes of fame 23:30 - 27:30

Hello @VladiKup and @akenyg I would like to invite both of you to share your experiences about digital education in this thread about technology use for children: Children using technology - polarising potential - What do you think?

You both seem very knowledgeable and involved in technology and education. What is your view on technology for children, and did you have any experiences that changed those views like the one of Vann described in the post I linked here?

Hi @MariaEuler,

thanks for reaching me.

Sorry I have no experience in digital education about technology use for children.