Meet the opencarers


The event is dedicated to learning from the protagonists and projects in the existing opencare ecosystem. We will be presenting findings from the opencare massive two year research project.

PROGRAM: a full day of high quality talks, conversations and networking as we try to answer questions like:

How do communities cope with needs of providing for individuals in vulnerable situations when official systems fail?

Can networks of shadow clinics and innovative care homes ensure a fairer access to health services?

What happens when every mental health patient is given a chance to become a healer for others?

Can cities uphold innovative policies of care by engaging more openly with bottom up care providers i.e. informal communities?

The event is public and free of charge. In order to register follow the next steps:

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  2. Submit your story as a reflection on the questions above.

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MEET THE OPENCARERS is part of the OpenVillage Festival, 19-21 October. Learn more.

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