meeting with Citydev next tuesday 30 may

we are meeting

Agnès Grynszpan

Chef de département – 1er attachée

Pôle transversal – Acquisitions - Budget

From Citydev

@alberto would you be willing to present to them the project in french ? also present @Julien and me

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Hi Manuel, first of all can you confirm the time for this? I can only during the morning.

I guess I can dream up a 5 minutes presentation in bad French, yes.

it’s at 10:00 , i have sent you a calendar invite to your private mail. i am sure its going to be better than your dream

I put here the minutes of the meeting.

  1. CityDev will probably open project(s) based on the emphyteusis principle to the end of this calendar year

  2. Generaly she looked charmed by our project but said that others had some same values so we are not that distinct of others

  3. She has the feeling the estimated costs are on the (too) low side for our project

  4. She gave us good options to look at (Inventimmo; Infrabel; SNCB; …)

  5. Contacting communes is definitely a good way to move forward

What we have to do for when the project(s) will be open

  1. Making our story even tighter by going further in juridical form and financial plan

  2. Trying to find a way of demarking us from others

Big attention:

  • It is actually not possible to have investissors in project of CityDev, it’s against their values.

General note: It is a wish of CityDev to open more projects like this to help people due to the crazy market prices.


What we have to do for when the project(s) will be open

  1. finding some solid partners like associations that work with inclusion
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basically this means winners do not own the land but have a right to use it for a long period of up to 99 years

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