Membership: update

welcome @MC.VL ! Could you ping me when you have installed Signal? Then I can add you to the chitchatters, emergency & scouting group. Thank you :slight_smile:

@Justin_N and @Susanne_P , it is sad to hear you are leaving the project :cry: nevertheless I wish you the best, and hopefully you will find a cohousing in a more rural area ?

Welcome to @Lieven @MCMarie and @AnnaN !!!


Very sad to see you go! Would have loved to see you in our community!

But totally understandable, and also totally normal that it took some time to work things out, that’s exactly what associate membership is for!

All the best, I hope you find your perfect place!

And welcome @AnnaN !


Welcome to the platform @MC.VL ! Great to have you exploring the project with us :slight_smile:
Would you be able to edit your username to look closer to your actual name? This is so that people can find you easily to communicate with, even if they haven’t seen your Edgeryders “handle” yet. There’s already a MariaClaudia on the platform, but perhaps something like MariaClaudiaVN. Thanks!

Also, a big welcome to the platform to @Hilde !
Hilde and Geert are exploring the project since the last presentation :slight_smile:


Hi, just refering to Maria Claria’s post that she created a new username: @MariaClara :slight_smile:


welcome :joy: @MariaClara

Hi all,

Just a as quick clarification: as the self-appointed president of the Ronny Müller fan club (I am an honest fan :heart:), it is me who insists that usernames are identical to people’s real names. It’s great on Signal, but can be quite confusing on Edgeryders.

There is already so much information in The Reef to take in and remember that having user names that are different from our normal names leads to the wrong people being tagged etc. That’s why I sometimes write a PM to request a change of user name, which then for a moment leads to even more confusion. My apologies for the inconvenience :slight_smile:.

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Hi everyone, I would like to welcome Stephane, @StefMPQ who most of you met probably at the last plenary. He just started exploring the Reef.


Welcome @StefMPQ !

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Hello everyone, I have good news to start this week: @Caro & @Quentin have applied for full membership and their application was unanimously accepted :slight_smile:


Wonderful result !! :slight_smile:


Dear Reeflings, I feel so inspired by your project! The night after the information session I could barely sleep from exitement :blush:
After one month of investigating however, I came to the conclusion that I will not become an Associate member (But if my resources were infinite I would definitely do so :smiley: )
Wishing you all the best, and as I live between JET-14 and MOL -26, I hope to see you later and definitively would love to stay in touch with the project!
Sunny greetings and the best of luck,


Hi all, yesterday the full members approved the applications for associate membership of @AnnaN and @StefMPQ. Happy to have you on board!


Dear all,
Just to tell you that I will leave the Reef for the moment, as it was decided by the Full members that I cannot prolong my associate membership - a decision I fully understand!
I do not feel ready at this point to become a full member, given that I am still waiting to have more clarity on when my boyfriend will come here (his application for a master’s degree is being examined by the university at present). I would at least like to give him the opportunity to meet all of you before I commit - of course I am sure he would like you, because you are a great bunch of people! And you also should be able to get to know him.
But right now things are moving fast, and so you must move forward as well. I totally get that. It’s just unfortunate timing (for me - in general I am so happy that there are two sites who could become the future Reef :tropical_fish:!).
It has been my pleasure to get to know all of you and work with you during the last months. I am impressed by everyone’s professionalism and commitment - and at the same time, everyone has been so friendly and open. If you allow me, I will approach the Reef again once my situation is more stable. In the meantime, I have my fingers crossed for you that everything works out and that you can soon start building the Reef :coral:!
As for my tasks, someone would need to take over my online scouting duties. But not sure if this is being followed up right now anyway because you are busy with other things, obviously …

All the best,


hi @Angelika ,

I’ve seen youve updated the online search tracking file, so i can take it over. If you would have any more things to share on the sites you tracked, let me know…

Hope to see you and your boyfriend back again in a couple of months :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, just to let you know that the application for associate membership of @Hilde & Geert has been approved! Welcome :slight_smile:


Hi @reeflings We are looking forward to meet you all!


Likewise. Welcome!

Hello everyone,
This is Maria Clara, my buddy so Manuel and I was present at the previous plenary.
I explained to Manuel that the timing is not very good for me to become associate member now as I will be very busy with a new artistic project until end of June so I won’t have the mental space to engage in another project such as the Reef during that time, as associate membership only lasts 3 months. I will consider becoming associate in September/October if the group is not complete by then and if you all agree with that. I do like the spirit of the project and realize the engagement it needs.
Maybe you’ll have decided about a site by then, anyway I hope to stay in touch !
Good luck with the search and important decisions,
Greetings to all, MC.