Membership: update

Hi everyone,

I want to let you know that Stephane has decided to step down for now. He current situation doesn’t leave him a lot of time and so for now he cannot commit to the Reef.


Hello, @AnnaN decided not to continue with the Reef. Wishing you all the best with your other projects, Anna!


a pleasure to meet you! feel free to get back in touch when you are ready to join

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that @Lieven has applied to become an associate member ! Bienvenue Lieven :clap:



Geert and I decided to leave the group and step out of The Reef project.
it was a difficult decision, but we felt it as the right one.

We had some really beautiful encounters with some of you. We regret not having had the opportunity to meet you all in person during our associate membership. Maybe we will meet again in a bar, cinema, training or just simply while walking in the city!

We sincerely hope you’ll find a place where you all feel at home.
A safe space where each one of you can equally live up their full potential, together with the others.

Wishing you all the best,

Geert and Hilde


Hello all,
I’m Maria Clara, one of the new members, my former pseudo was @MC.VL, I had to create a new account to change my username , so it’s now @MariaClara, easier to identify.
See you very soon !


Hi welcome MariaClara, I will share a link to your post to the right topic where we welcome new members :slight_smile: (No worries, it is really normal that it takes some time to get used to Edgeryders…)

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Welcome (back) to @Laurianne! Some of you might know her because she has been part of the project last year and now she is back :slight_smile:


So happy to have you back @Laurianne !!


Hi @reeflings,

I have -after careful consideration with myself in particular- made the difficult decision not to continue with The Reef. At the moment I don’t have time in my head and in my agenda for it, and I don’t want to relegate myself to being a passive follower in such a valuable project. I wouldn’t feel good about that, not for you people nor for myself.

I wish you all the best of luck with the project and who knows, see you later. Maybe I’ll keep on following you somehow…

All the best,



Me too! Welcome also to @MariaClara, and a happy journey to @Lieven.


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I wish the group the greatest future ! I’ll be visiting you for sure ! Gros bisous, Seb :hugs:


I’m very happy to let everyone know that the associate membership applications of @LuciaM & @AlinT, @Tinne & @Koen, @joannes and @SophieC have been accepted. Great to have you all with us for the next steps!


Hi @reeflings,

There is no good moment to tell you this but Caro and I decided not to continue the adventure The Reef. To explain you a little bit our situation, we are not feeling well lately. The Reef is bringing us more stress than joy so we had to take a selfish decision (to quote) and take care of us.

It won’t be a surprise to tell you that we are super sad to leave you (yes we cried a lot (still do)), to leave some friends. Friendship is for ever so we are sure that we will still see each other.

We can only which you the best. You are on track, The Reef is soon going to be built.

Our door will remain open for a good chitchat, for more explanations, for a great moment of sharing over a good meal or a drink,…

Take care of yourself,

:purple_heart: Caro & Quentin :purple_heart:


I did not see you much but hopefully will meet you in some other context ! Take care, both of you <3

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Was not the approval supposed to be today ? :thinking:

Otherwise : Yeeeeeeay ! :partying_face:

There was an online consent for the applications that we received at the beginning of last week, and today for the more recent ones :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear it! All the best, then.

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That comes as a shock :frowning:
Really really sad to see you go, and would really like to talk about it with you…
I have to say I still have it in my head I can make you change your minds, but my less emotional brain respects your choice and (if I’m not successful :see_no_evil:) might be able to help the other part accepting what is I guess…

And of course hoping to see you again and again whatever happens!!

With love :orange_heart: :people_hugging: