Michel Filippi, a connected philosopher observes systems and models new ones

(Photo: Michel Filippi)

Michel Filippi describes himself as an experimental philosopher. He has a strong presence in social media and applies his philosophical discoveries to various fields: business strategy, product design, e-learning, innovation and training. He practices a philosophy that relates to generic philosophy, by no means the science of science, not the ultimate knowledge about all knowledge.

Michel sees philosophy as a good companion, allowing to look into situations and systems, a way to organize what we perceive in a different way, through an exploration of the human being. Everywhere he goes, Michel is a good companion: he discusses with many and helps people think.

He creates models of situations, operations and relationships. His models, accurate examinations of any moment, show that any actor is involved in several situations and therefore simultaneously holds different roles. Models produce a variety of knowledge, explanations, forms, allow to test their existence in a continuous manner.

For Michel, the problem of leadership is related to the definition that we give it and our definition of the world, ie the first individual to which this definition refers. Michel believes open government needs to develop a model of the world, at least describe it, have it explored. Innovation should be guarded against any predetermination. Open access requires the design of new tools for processing such data, because all data processing tools require prior specifications. One of his models predicted that the more new data is available, the more ordinary actions, having already taken place, are being justified.

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