Monday's Ice Dinner Agenda!


Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far! I thought I’d share with you the agenda for the dinner, and what Edgeryder’s role will be

So, this is how we’re planning on doing it:

1. Registration

2. 5 min intro by UNDP

3. Call with Edgeryders begins

So we thought it would be interesting to have you present for the opening circle so you can have an idea of what the attendees are doing and who they are. Basically each person will introduce themselves and what they’re doing in social innovation in one sentence.

Then you guys will tell us Edgeryder’s story, including success stories so that people can get to know you; attendees will have the chance to ask you questions and you will then get their feedback on how they think Edgeryder’s can be effective in Egypt.

Finally, we also feel it is important that you give them a brief description of how to use the Edgeryder’s platform for Spot the Future.

4. Skype call ends

5. Open Space: we will set up three rooms one for ‘share your initiative’, ‘caring for commons’ and ‘making a living’. Attendees will go to whichever room they prefer to and engage in general discussions.

6. Individual Harvest - We will ask them to sign up on Edgeryders and share the ideas they came up with during the dinner We will set up a laptop station in each room so they can at least sign up on the platform there.

7. Closing Circle

The whole idea is to introduce the social innovators to Edgeryders on a direct and personal level, and this will be done best by you of course!! No one can ever tell your story better than you will! If the evening is successful and we were able to get them really interested, they will definitely be motivated enough to join the community and continue the discussions online by their own choice!

I hope one (or more) of you will have enough time on Monday - it probably won’t take more than 30 mins! We’re planning on moving fast and for everything to be brief and to the point as possible. I really think this dinner will also be a great opportunity for you to get a sense of what some the innovators community is like in Egypt and for you guys to have a chat. There will definitely be lots of interesting people!

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the event for anyone who’s interested :STF: Connect to International Changemakers

I will present. thanks for organising this

So when do you guys want to do a tech check?

Something I wanted to check is if maybe @Ahmed M Rabie could make it to the dinner with a camera to shoot a bit during the evening. Maybe get people to say hi to everyone meeting in Georgia and Armenia? And we can ask the crowd in the other two places to do the same and get people talking with one another this way…

Also I wanted to ask you: do you think people would be up for doing skype interviews like this one?

Filming with your phone is more than good enough, just make sure you are close enough to get the sound and make sure you get their email addresses. Then we can post them on the platform (we can manually create accounts for each person if we have the email address) and send them the link after!

What we want to know about one another is:

  1. What you are working on/trying to do and the story behind
  2. what obstacles you are coming across
  3. How the obstacles could be worked around/ a concrete call for action from others who like the initiative (what I the viewer can do if I have 5 minutes, a couple of hours or a few days to contribute)

The idea is we can team up people from around the world to interview one another this way and post them on the platform.

thinking about accessibility and language

I forgot to say that in asking participants to go out and do these interview with one another and people who have a hard time communicating in writing we get two added benefits

  1. we envourage people to go out and get to know who is active around them and maybe start thinking about how they can collaborate/support one another
  2. we get material that is easy for others to interact with also for people who are not comfortable writing but have a lot of valuable experiences, knowledge and skills we would otherwise miss

Anyway, let me know what you think?

Cool idea!

Good Morning!

Okay that’s a great idea! I don’t know how much time we will have during the dinner, but we can definitely try and get a few people aside and interview them.

For creating accounts, you mean their Edgeryders account right? If yes, I think also that’s a good idea because it’ll make things much easier, we’re gonna collect their emails anyway during registration!

Anyway, we’re meeting Ahmed today to discuss STF and the Ice Dinner…So we’ll definitely talk about this.

For the Tech run, I believe Muhammad mentioned it would be today at 2 pm Cairo Time, will that be okay with you?

yes 2pm is fine

Yes I mean their edgeryders accounts.

Ok This is now a call to share during and after events

This is a post in the group where we are coordinating the follow up right after the events. I prepared it so that @Inge @Vahagn @Noemi @Sam Muirhead @Hazem and @Ahmed M Rabie know what to send/tell/share with people they meet who cannot make it to the physical events but might still want to participate in the conversation.

okay awesome

great! if you have any questions let me know

Yes where (skype? google hangout?) who’s handles?

Who is actually doing the test check and how do I reach them?

I have to move tech chech by one hour Im afraid.