New proposal: ATSI (LC-GD-1-3-2020)

At the C-KIC networking event I sat in the breakout group of this call, the closest to our DG REGIO work. To my surprise, one of the participants said she was aware of Edgeryders, and had already penciled in us as possible partners.

They have now gotten in touch with us with a concept note and a form (!) which we have to fill if we are interested in joining their consortium. Their idea is to have a set of regional initiatives that proceed in sync – reminds me of some ideas of @nadia’s. It could also be interesting for the regions we care about, since they provide 6-800 K to “regional partners”. I don’t understand if they mean “regional” in an institutional sense (NUTS2, or what REGIO calls "managing (of cohesion funds) authorities), or in a local sense, like our friends in Messina.

I think we are def interested. I would welcome a short check-in with @amelia, @marina and possibly Nadia, then I will take care of filling in the content parts of the form. Our interest does not automatically guarantee that we are in, however.

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sounds great! when are you available for the call @amelia @alberto @nadia? I can do tomorrow afternoon or Friday.

Can’t do Friday but can check in tomorrow.

Tomorrow before the AMA works for me.

scheduled for tomorrow at 15h. Invite sent via calendar. @nadia hope you can make it too.

Update on this call: we are joining the consortium led by Trinity College Dublin. The project is called “Adaptation and Transformation through Systemic Innovation - ATSI”. Documents here.

Next steps:

  • revise the documents, find our place there (draft more detailed contribution?)
  • join the consortium call on Thursday


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Will look into it.

Update from today’s consortium call.

The consortium is very solid and well-led. This call had an agenda; a presentation shared (just) before the meeting; a draft proposal, which had already undergone internal evaluation with the leading partner, Trinity College; good command of remote work tech (Zoom breakout rooms).

On the down side, we are latecomers to this party. We would totally be in the position of leading a WP, but that slot is taken. We’ll see what we can negotiate. For now, I have written a quick note of pre-contribution to the proposal writing, highlighting where EDGE can bring added value. You can find it in the proposal’s folder with the rest of the documents.

It’s a bit hard to figure out who to interface with, everyone is new for us. Critical people appear to be:

  1. The All-Trinity core team: Mary Lee (PO), Isobel, Esmée
  2. WP leaders relevant to us: Dmitra (EM|Path, WP2), Colm (Trinity, WP5), Trinity (Isobel? WP9)

Timeline now:

  • Admin template back Dec 9th – Marina. Should we tweak our monthly staff rates?

  • WP Leaders to flesh out their WP and resource requirements by Dec 11th – Alberto. Keep subcontracting to a minimum; funding rate is 100% for non-profit legal entities

  • Final budget by Dec 16th (“PM horse trading" :smiley: )

  • Consortium meeting on Jan 7th

  • Internal panel presentation and review Jan 18th

  • Submission by 25th

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this is something they will be sending or is there already a shared folder?
by tweaking you mean lowering it?

They will send it tomorrow

By tweaking I mean raising it.

sure, if there is space why not. Would this mean we need to use the same rate in other proposals too? I understand that this is part of our general policy so we should stick with the same rate across projects.

So, next week I need to take time out and make a proposal. I will propose not a WP, but three tasks in WP2:

  1. Convening + comm mgmt an online conversation across the regions (4 or 5).
  2. Ethno field work + coding => also contributes to the corpus
  3. SSNA + tech assistance.


  • Smaller proj, maybe 300K or so.
  • Community journalism, if any, is done not by handing out small money but by hiring staff.

@ marina @amelia @nadia @johncoate @hugi if no objection I go on to make a paragraph. But I need team leaders for a reality check.


No objection. But where will you be adding me? My preference would be to work in both 2 and 3 as a bridge - being a techy on the ethno-team and an ethno-aware member of the tech team. This is also a role that @amelia and I have discussed being sorely needed, and a role we agreed to for the 10-2 proposal she has been leading.

I’m also open to other suggestions, of course.

Makes sense, and it’s easy. Similar to myself, actually, though my angle is datasci rather than tech.

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I can make a draft budget on the basis of this and then we discuss it shortly in a team call next week. Would Tuesday at 10 am work?

No. C-KIC session… unless I delegate @IvanC.

we can do 11h too. I’m free until 13:30.

Yes, and I would actually also see myself as a bridge between datasci and tech - for example working with you to build bespoke new views in the Graphryder dashboard based on new research findings, and perhaps even building a bridge between new metrics we come up with to be real time available to the ethnographers. We have experimented with that sort of on-the-fly stuff in Babel with some success. Of course - this is a nice to have, and should not be given priority over other work, but it’s also fun - which is not unimporant.

On the tech-ethno side, it’s more about coming up with new data pipelines on-the-fly to make collaborative coding smooter - like the Airtable codebook that connects to OE that we’ve been using in Babel.

Sure for me it’s the usual

Not the usual. Smaller.