New Ways to Live & Work


We are experimenting new approaches to build meaningful, productive and enjoyable work-and-life environments. They combine business incubation, P2P learning, socialisation and communal spaces.

  • The UnMonastery: A post venture capital model for investing in a new wave of technologists. "When it comes to work it is increasingly difficult to reconcile making money with making sense. People do work to make a living. Others do work to make meaning. But the two works are not the same work.” (More)

  • The Reef: A new kind of living space. Made for a happier, healthier, greener and more social lifestyle. (More).

  • House Blivande: a center for participatory art, culture and organizations in Stockholm

  • MENA Regional Youth Platform. A platform for collaborative livelihood and business development by young people from the Middle East / North African region. Client: World Bank. (More )

  • Postcards from the Future: how covid19 affected our working lives in Belgium, Armenia, Serbia, Japan, and more.

  • Collaborative inclusion: how migrants-residents collaboration can produce social values. A reflexive design exercise

  • Leveraging Collective intelligence to increase ROI from conferences and summits . Using documentation and ethnographic techniques to increase the impact of events. Clients: UNESCO, Digital Festival. (More)

  • Networking for introverts - new formats for social and professional events Opentables, Friends of Friends & mindgardens


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