NGI Ethnography Discussion

Opening this thread to discuss any and all NGI Ethnography decisions. Mostly for @Leonie @CorinneCathSpeth and I to discuss the nitty gritty, but open to all for comments and questions!

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Hi both, I have been busy coding. And it’s been very fun! @amelia would you be able to do a sanity check for me on my codes (FOSS thread) + the edits I made to our shared codebook? I feel that right now both my coding and my code explanations are overly long because I am trying to be comprehensive while we get our bearings on this collaboration.

Cheers! CCS

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Hi both,

As I was coding yesterday, I realised it would also make sense to keep a log of memos. To capture my thought process for code development, issues ran into, and things we should discuss as a team. They are currently in the codebook we keep. But I am also happy to transfer them so others can also see the process behind our code development?

Let me know what you think!


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Thanks for the update and looking forward to seeing the codes and codebook! Just back from holiday, will check them out.

If you’re finding memos are often tied to codes (which they tend to be) we can keep them in the codebook and then publish them all periodically on platform. What do you think?

Yes! sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Shall we see if we can do a call this week? Or next week - to go over the memos + maybe collapse some codes before we move on?

A call would be great. How does tomorrow work?

If not, I can do Friday anytime as well.

hiya! Great! I could do tomorrow any time of day except from 12.00 - 13.00 Ankara time (which is 10.00 - 11.00 UK time) or any it time on Friday before 11.30 Turkey time.

OK let’s try for tomorrow.

@Leonie is there a time that works best for you?

Hi @amelia and @CCS!
A call sounds great. I am currently 9 hours ahead of you. Tomorrow I am unfortunately only free to talk until 6pm my time (so 9am UK time). I will be more flexible on Friday though! Would that suit you both better?

Hi both! For me tomorrow 6 PM US/ 9 AM UK/ 11 AM Turkey would work best. Because on Friday I can only do before 11.30… which is not ideal for you @Leonie?

11:30 Turkey time is also totally fine for me on Friday (I think that’s 6:30 pm for me)

Tomorrow I can talk until 6pm and then I have to go to a meeting, so 5/5:30 would be the best!

Happy to do either!

Hiya! My apologies but I can only do before 11.30 on Friday not at 11.30.

Which time zone are you in currently? So I can figure out what 5/5.30 there means for my timezone :slight_smile:


Hey all, looks like it’ll have to be Friday. Leonie, can you do before 11:30 Turkey time?

If time zone coordination proves to be too difficult on Friday, we can also try for Monday.

Hi folks - next week Mon-Wed is going to be hard for me. So would prefer this Friday or end of next week?

Hi! I am in Australia, which is 7 hours ahead of you @CCS and 9 hours ahead of @amelia, so in both cases, your morning is no problem for me!

Great! So would 11.00 Turkey/ 09.00 Oxford / 18.00 Australia this Friday work?

Ladies, should I set up a Zoom meeting for you? @amelia, do you have access credentials to our Zoom account?

Also: would it bother you if I sat in your call?

Hi all,

I have a supervision in the am tomorrow making 9am a bit tight, so let’s do Thursday (a week today) 10am Oxford/12 Turkey/ 19 Australia if that’s doable for you all. Let’s all keep coding til then and come with questions for each other.

@alberto you are welcome to join, and it would be great if you could set up a Zoom for us. I don’t have access credentials (but those would be useful for future).

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Awesome! i will be Nijmegen based starting Monday and look forward to chatting. I might also do some preliminary work re: code collapsing in our doc :slight_smile: