Notes from team call May 14: shared roadmap to International event

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With @nadia, @hazem, @noemi, @marina.n, @gazbia_sorour @stokali

We’re looking to build the event so as to make it possible to ensure follow up: design expectations so that once we meet in June people know what is possible up next. This depends to a large extend by UNDP.

For Marina: the first event in April brought fragmented results -> good if we can connect the dots, give the opportunity for people to network and share skills and tools; Increase the impact of individual projects. How? Example -Innovation Labs at UNDP Armenia is an incubator offering networks, resources, and so little startups can be compiled to be supported by UNDP

All UNDP teams: please put up a post describing how you personally see the event unfolding, what are you expecting to happen that you can plug in later, once the event and Spot the Future is over.

  • What would you like to figure out together with other participants?
  • What practical resources are offered to participants’ initiatives?
  • What is required of would be participants to make you support their work or possible collaborations coming out of the event?


  1. Tell us you’re coming on the event page
  2. Help shape the event by joining the social media team or proposing a session you want to lead

Everyone who is interested to participate and doesn’t know how should simply go to the event page saying so and what they are willing to contribute to help organize the event. We are giving it roughly two weeks to send personal invitations with offer to cover costs, so this needs to happen fast!

We have limited budget to cover for travels and lodging, and the sooner people register and tell us how they want to get involved, the better their chances…

Especially for Egyptians registration needs to happen as soon as possible for visa requirements reasons.

Things we are looking from participants in order to make an offer to cover costs:

-active participation and introduction of personal stories and interests on the platform

-willingness to collaborate with others and get things done

-look at the network graph and see who has been actively engaging with other people here on Edgeryders


-Marina to look into costs of a bus to transport participants from Yerevan to Tbilisi

-UNDP country teams to cover their own travels and book places to stay at. Book now as it’s getting expensive!

Don’t worry about proximity to location: if the event venue is outside Tbilisi, UNDP Georgia will help organize transportation for participants from the city centre to the location

TO DOs for everyone in the team, 2 main things:

  1. Pick tweets from the social media calendar daily and share share share
  2. Reaching out to your networks – spread the Future News articles (see them in the comments section)
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Travel cost for Armenian participants

Hi @Nadia, I just checked. The round trip for 20-25 people will cost 400 000 AMD, which is roughly 950USD, if we rent a bus service.

The round trip tickets at a regular transport going to Tbilisi will cost $36-40 per person.

Need a few more days

Thanks @marina.n for doing the price check, I’m not sure there will be 20 people coming from Armenia, at least no one has registered so far. To avoid running in circles (probably people haven’t signed up for the event because they are waiting to hear how much we can support them?) I suggest we give it a couple of more days to:

  1. See what results the upcoming facebook campaign will deliver

  2. Do an estimate on the budget - it may be that we can afford to cover 10 individually bought tickets which is half the amount for 20-25.

I’ll hopefully have a final answer by Wednesday’s call!

OK, let’s wait then

Agree, it’s still unclear who pays for what.

Loved the idea of a Facebook campaign. Do you follow Kolba page? We post updates there too.

Re: facebook - Said will be targeting an ad to the most popular and suited groups or pages as they appear in a rank. Check the conversation for more details?

Re: budget

It is my understanding, and we can re-state this at a meeting when and if everyone joins in:

  • UNDP Georgia pays for venue + catering for 25-26 of June
  • UNDP office staff pay for their own trips
  • Edgeryders pays for travel + accommodation for the community - selection of individuals who benefit of paid spots to be done the upcoming week in agreement with COs