On Morality and Corruption in Czech Republic: Can we reach out to people who protested today to understand their view?


Hello @Jirka_Kocian , I guess you know about this:

  1. Can you think of a good way to link the general happening in Czech Republic about this with our discussion about Moral wellbeing?

  2. Do you know what hashtag/ or words are being used on social media when people are talking about it?


How about something like this

  1. This is serious, but as it shows during the protest, our PM does not reflect either the society as a whole or its stance towards moral aspects of such behavior. What are your experiences in general, do people still care in any way about what is right or wrong? Have you personally encountered morally dubious, though not illegal behavior? How should we react?

Tohle je na pováženou, ale jak se ukazuje během protestů, náš premiér neodráží celou společnost, nebo její pohled na morální rozměr jeho chování. Jaké jsou vaše zkušenosti, zálěží ještě lidem na tom, co je správně a co špatně? Setkali jste se osobně s morálně pochybným i když ne nezákonným chováním? Jak bychom měli reagovat?

  1. Typical tags/keywords:
    # Máme toho dost! Demisi! (series of demonstrations under this name)
    @milionchvilek (online community)
    # milionchvilek
    # Babisven


@fsimonov @inge


Ill check hastags andbsee if I can source something out


Twitter users that seem interesting:

@petrtheczech ( in media )

Hashtags: #buresedokose #praha #demokracie


in English, what would work better:

We’re protesting our PM, as we can’t find any common ground between his and our own morals. Deceit, disinformation, and corruption are at the forefront of this protest.

We’re fed up.

But is it only our PM who crosses the line between what’s right and wrong? And do people really care when it happens?

We want to know if you’ve encountered morally dubious - though not illegal - behavior, and how we should react to it.

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