OPENcare Pop-up Village - call for a host city

How about…

@Aravella_Salonikidou for the city of Thessaloniki? Do you think there would be interest for such an event - a pop-up village, like a demo of OpenCare initiatives for which Edgeryders would join efforts in fundraising?

Good Idea!

I think Thessaloniki is a good idea. I’ll ask the mayor :slight_smile:  asap! Maybe, I’ll need more details.


Open call => win

I really like the idea. We can give LOTE6 to the community to place it where it is most wanted, and find new allies and friends in the city in the process. Well played, @Natalia_Skoczylas and all.

If I can make a small suggestion, I would transform the “two local volunteers” into co-protagonists of the proposal. In other terms, the proposal would be made jointly by a city and two community members. What do you think?


Nice idea.

Shares the load amongst protagonists in the city and provides ER with more support and possibilities.

I’ve made a quick edit to suggest this.

Good evening everyone, sorry for the radio silence, but the forum just finished and i try to catch up with tasks.

I was drafting a bit of questions and ideas on how to proceed, as I will be now preparing the tour (and hopefully parachuting again somewhere to put together the village). Sorry for mistakes, I use a tablet, not comfy.

Noemi has already mentioned two routes for the tour, one around Spain and Portugal to Morrocco, and one from Romania to Greece (we could add Bulgaria here, we lack Bulgarians ;)). Considering the weather, I would go for the first tour in February, and second April. We would need a least two months before heading off to establish links and plan ahead.

How long can the tours be? How many people do we intend to bring with us in the circus? Destinations are cheap, that helps.

I would already shape each of these tours as a small community capacity showcase, bringing along one or two members who participated in the open and change and could best illustrate what care is about, but also add a tangible component to the tour.

We need to think how, besides bringing stories and enriching the research, can we use this experience in building the reef.

We can already experiment with some of the ideas that pop up village has been testing, such as pop up shop where consumers buy things for others (medicine for the sick, socks for the homeless), barbers for the sexual minorities, mobile showers and so on.

I will be outting together a list of cities and partners, but also ideas for activities - any information that could help here, contacts, tips, great actions that we could use are more than welcome.

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The tours can happen at the same time.

I think February is great…!

I propose we have a skype call ahead mid December in order to pull together all the potential sites for February (as you said, we need to plan 2 months in advance) and groups around them in a dataset similar to the Case Study Adventure in 2014. Some of us have places we think are potentially interesting.

Also, we have overlapping travel stuff already between those who have so far manifested interest to join the scouting: to give you an idea, in Jan/ February with Alex Levene we want to go to Thessaloniki, then to the Vault Fest London event + I might do a Georgia/ Armenia short tour on a difft account. An ER members shared calendar would come in handy.

Do you know someone in Bulgaria Natalia?


Also heads up

I’m going to Thessaloniki mid January. Vault festial events are in early February.

In May i’m going to Armenia for the month to spend time at Yerevan ICA with @Iriedawta and her team (and do some arts work)

In June i go to Finland for the whole month for a Back to Basics arts residency (so will be out of contact for the whole month)

I’m also looking at a possible trip to Abkhazia for March/April time, depending on other things in my diary.

I’d love to join the scouting party, but February is the worst time for me. I’ll be working in London for the festival. Don’t let my absence changing the planning though.


Got it!

We’ll see, many things are just now being planned. Maybe we can accommodate your (i must say) pretty awesome schedule Alex! <3

I do now :))

Someone working on Alt33c3 is from and based on Sofia. Tell me what you need.

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@Aravella Salonikidou , let

@Aravella_Salonikidou , let me know if you need a presentation or a document to show to the city

@nadia, is there anything we could do with lille? Or we juts have to wait now;)

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Got in touch with Ayate who is from Lille about the visit

just sent her a message asking if it’s ok I connect you two to discuss. From Brussels lille is a short trainride away, so I could do it… Also, Ronan’ll probably want to be onboard also. Will ask him to create account so he can get in this conversation, planning etc.

Ok connected you with Ayate

Check inboxes in mail and Fb <3

Yes, please! :slight_smile:

What tours?

Sorry guys, I’m just trying to catch up.

@Noemi when are you coming to Armenia? Looking forward to catch up! Have a place to stay? xx

If you want to consider ICA’s space in Yerevan, count us in as a potential space for LOTE6.

Thanks dear!

I don’t know exactly, sometime February-March, UNDP stuff more than OpenCare as we are planning a follow up to Future Makers, and so the community dimension is there anyway… so I thought it might be worth doing something on the side. Will email you the details in case we don’t get to blog about this soon.

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Shared calendar => win

Maybe make it open, so that people can add themselves to it?

BUT: please, do not just go out and make something. I think this needs to be “done right”, like @Matthias likes to say. Among other things, this means taking into account what people are already using as calendar apps, to save them (er, us) the hassle of having to manage TWO calendars (one for yourself, one for the shared part).

A shared google calendar

Natalia and Alex both confirmed g calendars OK.

I have set one up, see here. The problem with public calendars is that while they are visible, not anyone can automatically add to them. So I am adding people manually upon request. Then syncing should not be a problem - but you do need to edit your own calendar events and assign them to the OpenCare PopUp Village Calendar.

Guys, most of you are added already.

Embed on a collaboration page (openandchange)

that makes it visible and if we have some comment field below people can interact around it…No?


I spent today writing a brand new draft of the call out document.

It combines the info written by @Natalia_Skoczylas in this Wiki, @Nadia in the ‘Brainstorming LOTE6’ wiki and my suggested structure in the comment here:

I would welcome any suggestions, or comments. As you can see it’s quite long, but it is in depth about the what, the why and the how. I feel it is quite comprehensive. I’ve also split the structure so that the first pages deal with the ‘story’ of what we want to do and the last pages deal with the details.

I’ve made the link open but comment only for now. If anyone wants edit rights just email me and request them:

Ping: @Alberto, @Noemi, @johncoate @Patrick_Andrews

Perhaps Birmingham?

I read this article that someone wrote about my University city:

I definitely think they are looking at ideas that fit with ER values. Perhaps we could reach out to them. Birmingham is a really interesting, exciting and cosmopolitan young city. I had a great 4 years living there and still go back to visit it regularly.