OpenInsuline meeting Wednesday 10th May

Hi everyone!

This Wednesday I will be hosting the meeting for the OpenInsuline project and I myself would like to focus on the outreach, as started in this post.

I’d like to think with you about three things:

  • An educational activity
  • An awareness artwork, as proposed by Maria during the 26.04 meeting
  • Visualisation as proposed by @Scigrades, which should tie in with what we want to accomplish with the previous two

A couple of people made the case for prevention, with @GLS9000 and @Alberto making some great points, which I think is important as well and very relevant for this topic. So I think we should try to accomplish this with the above. I think we also should aim to induce an understanding of the disease and it’s effects, since this will build a strong case for prevention, demonstrating the need.

People who aren’t intrested in the outreach aspect are more than welcome to come as well of course, we can work in two groups and exchange at the end of the night or something :slight_smile:

So I look forward to seeing you guys Wednesday the 10th at 8pm!

Can’t make it

Thanks for taking the lead in this, @NiekD. I am traveling this week, and won’t be able to attend. But I will be reading the writeup from the meeting, and stand ready to help as best I can.

I won’t be able to attend tonight

But keep me in the loop. I’ll help where I can!

Shame to miss it

Shame that I missed it as well, was abroad. How did it go?

Just want to make the link with this thread again for inspiration and also plug this concept I learned about during the DIYbio Biofabbing Convergence earlier this week: reinventing the role of musea using more active methods & science (among which biohacking). Specifically, Ricardo, the speaker, mentioned the example of the Museum of AIDS in Africa. I’d love to know more on how you could have a preventative impact as such an institution.

About the boardgame idea…

At the meeting last Wednesday we proposed a board game as an educational activity (@NiekD, did someone take more notes at the meeting? I have some but only about the boardgame). I’ve talked more about this idea with my mother, who is a dietician and diabetes expert and she told me there are already some boardgames on the market. We have some at home but I didn’t have time to study (or play) them this weekend. I’ll try to bring them along to the next meeting. I still love the idea for a boardgame, but if several are already on the market, I don’t know how useful it could be…


What about a life-sized board game?

Meeting tomorrow

Is there any followup planned for the meeting tomorrow?

As for technical stuff, there’s not much news. Still waiting for final news from the samples & microfluidics will be for June. I’m also out of action due to medical reasons and Niek is abroad.

If there’s nothing new to be done or discussed, I suggest we get back at it on June 7th.

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Meeting tomorrow

I don’t think any follow up is planned… I also can’t make it tomorrow (also going abroad) so it’ll probably be best to just postpone.

Next time

Okay, it didn’t go through, looking forward to hear more next time on the 7th :slight_smile: