OpenStreetMap Georgia

If you’re interested in open data, maps, or just exploring and adding value to a great community project, you are welcome to join the OpenStreetMap (OSM) Georgia community.  OSM is a collaborative mapmaking platform and unlike services like Google, you can map whatever you want and all the data is open-source, making it valuable for everybody, not just company stockholders.

Our little group communicates on Facebook (  Feel free to join and introduce yourself.

This SATURDAY we are having a mapping party in Tbilisi!  This means getting together to map a neighborhood, drink beer, and get to know each other.  RSVP here (

If you would like to learn more about the project as a whole, visit  There are also some step-by-step tutorials online at and

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Hi Jeff!

Thanks for letting us know about this! I know based on the comments on the bi-weeky meeting summary that @Ninutsa Nanitashvili @ericnbarrett and @Elene Margvelashvili will join you this saturday! Anyone else feels like joining this great initiative? @Cristina_Maza, @HeatherY, @Boris, @Khatuna, @Khatia Kobalia?

in Egypt

Could be nice to have something like this in Egypt!!

lot to discover, especially parts of Cairo such as Islamic Cairo, Christian quarters of Cairo, Necropolis and areas in Muhandeseen … :slight_smile:

@Ulrike, @gazbee, u guys wanna organize smth like that!?


The billboards project

Pinging @MonaMakhlouf: learn to map spots for placing billboards as part of their group’s behavior change campaign for Egyptian drivers.