OpenVillage Festival 2018

We’re starting to look at the possibilities for the next live festival to take place in 2018.
Looking at how we continue, and develop, the ideas that fed into OpenVillage 2017 as well as providing an offline meeting space for people to meet, discuss and interact.


Big thanks to Henry (@emsone) from Nieklitz Crew for uploading the document for Wie Bauen Zukunft (Wir Bauen Zukunft: learning from a community with 3 kinds of showers) to the google Drive (

There is strong interest already for this to be a location for an OpenVillage Festival in 2018.
Can i suggest we schedule a open call to discuss the contents of the document, with an aim of filling in the form before New Year? I suggest a call on the 18th or 19th.

I feel that if a different venue were to be suggested or become available, the answers to these questions will be very helpful in guiding the strategy for the next festival anyway.

ping @nabeel_p, @natalia_skoczylas, @noemi

Thanks @alex_levene . I’d be keen for a call on the 19 Dec 2017 if everyone is available.Very excited to get this ball rolling.

Yes please! I can also do Dec 19th, looking forward <3

suggested time? @nabeel_p you are still at home in SA?
suggest 12pm CET, that good?

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@nabeel_p @noemi I’ve filled the answers on the form, it’s very general - please take a look at it, comment, change, add whatever you like. Once we feel like we’re ready, we could submit it - I guess we could dedicate the 19th call to discussing it in details and throwing in more ideas, and finalizing the document.

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Hey @alex_levene. I’m still in South Africa and it seems like I’ll hang around a bit. I have some activities to kick-start before coming your way again. The time suits me well.

Hi @natalia_skoczylas @noemi @alex_levene. Ive had a read through. I’ll add my comments soon

One more thing for all of us - this is a potential funding source

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12 cet it is, thanks for keeping this wonderful ball in the air!

@natalia_skoczylas Advocate Europe funded openstate politics camp in nieklietz, and we now have two connections there: the Openstate group who are applying for a second round and I also met the person coordinating the program… We can maybe ask for a meeting before we apply. FYI the call is on democracy and new democratic tools, so an idea would be to build on RECODE. @anique.yael could also be interested to chime in…

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Hi friends. Alas yes interested for sure (and in fact it was after @noemi shared Advocate Europe with me that I shared it with @natalia_skoczylas haha love the abundance of sharing cycling goodness).

I know that there’s movements building on RECODE in various Edgeryders edges so let’s make sure we’re all on the same page (pretty sure @nadia is already up to things in Sweden and obviously @alberto and I are too). But yes Advocate closes in just over a month so let’s talk about that in the call.

12pm CET Tuesday 19 December count me in

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@noemi @natalia_skoczylas @alex_levene @nabeel_p Unfortunately I’ll miss the call happening shortly - in final revision of the UNDEF grant before we submit today and can’t step out. Look forward to hearing how things move and sending warmth!

Hey guys, wheres the call happening? @alex_levene Im in the hangouts usual … but no one is there.

Ok, seems like the call is not happening - let’s move it for right after the christmas, say 27th? does it fit everyone?

Btw, I think we could already submit our proposal to Zukunft if all of you agree - @nabeel_p and @alex_levene, as Noemi and I already took a look a couple of times. Let me know if both ideas suit you.


Works for me, but we are missing a financial proposal… An invitation to Nieklitz co-fundraise with us.

Or: in exchange for the space, maybe we can agree to have a flagship project in the festival dedicated to advancing their work…

Hi @noemi @alex_levene @natalia_skoczylas My apologies. I am one hour behind, not accounting for daylight savings. I was under the impression the call would be happening right now. Apologies. I have made some comments to do the document, and will spend this time going through the two ideas.

The 27 works for me.

Hi all, sorry its been one of those weeks!
Work and everything (i preferred it when i was unemployed)

I think Natalia’s proposal suggestions are really strong. I’m going to spend an hour this afternoon just going back over everything again on the application. I agree we should include something about finances, we’re looking at a number of ways to finance the opportunity, so perhaps we should include all of them in the proposal. Co-fundraise, community fundraising, ‘support in kind’ etc.

I think i can do the 27th. I may have to find a quiet place to run away to as i think there is a big extended family party at my house.

@natalia_skoczylas did you end up sending the document after all?

@noemi @alex_levene @nabeel_p I will send it on Monday - we ended up staying in Berlin for Christmas, which buys me time, and I will look at it one more time and submit it. Works?

Meanwhile, I am writing my grant application to the American embassy :smiley: Will open this discussion soon as well.

I did a quick parse through and made a few suggested edits. Mostly just grammar and clarity. Don’t think I added too much content.
Do we need to send it off or does Henry already have access to the final format?