OpenVillage Festival 2018

Works for me.
I think we said deadline was end of the year.

Hi @alex_levene @natalia_skoczylas @noemi Merry Christmas to you all (I’m a tad late I realize). I just wanted to find out if we’re still ok for meeting today? If so, what time exactly?

I am around all day, until the evening, so anytime for me :wink:

I’ll be online until around 3pm CET. Let’s see if anyone else is available so we can knock this one down. I’ll have another look at the document for now. Do let me know if this will be postponed if no-one else can make the meeting.

I can be available for 3pm CET

This will be a bit late for me as I have some urgent writing to complete today… but I have been editing and contributing to the document. Please go ahead without me if possible, and I’ll follow the conversation online or arrange a meeting with one of you as a catch-me-up! Alternatively, I’m available tomorrow if a dedicated time can be suggested (preferably not later than ending at 3pm CET).

hey @natalia_skoczylas do we need a quick chat this afternoon?
Document looking really good.

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A quick question. At which stage do we submit? As I recall that we would submit this document in a rather informal manner via Henry?

Secondly, at which stage do we start exploring potential funders and finalize the document as per funders requirements? I guess this will all get clarified in our online talks.

hey guys, sorry I’m in tunisia with the Medenine crowd and dont have internet connection during the day… :frowning:
what did i miss?

@nabeel_p @alex_levene OK, I’ve submitted - meaning, I wrote to Henry the document is ready and they can take a look and decide if they want us. The moment they give us a green light we can dive into funding opportunities, but for now, it’s already time to start searching for possibilities to fundraise in Germany and beyond. On my side, I am writing a grant proposal as a private person to do a project in Poland, by which I want to bring a couple of edgeryders from the USA. If I manage, that would be already something sorted (travel costs especially).

Otherwise, the next step is to do the Advocate Europe application asap = I volunteer to do it from the 3rd of January for 5 days intensely, using what we wrote already., I will be then in London between 9 and 15, and we have to submit on the 16th, hoping that the location will already be sorted and we can include it in the application as well. It would be good to have a call sometime before it to discuss a bit and brainstorm. I will create a space for us to write this proposal collectively, and you’re invited to help me with it anytime really. Makes sense? :slight_smile:


Hi Everybody. Belated Xmas and wishing you all a great New Year. @natalia_skoczylas that sounds great. should Henry approve and we commence, I could cut off some half days in the new year to work on the application as well.

I’ll only be taking off from 1-2 Jan 2018 to recover I guess, but then will be in full steam. So when you’re ready do invite us to the online document. Perhaps we could even consider delegating parts of the document if that assists. I’ll follow your lead on this one as my knowledge of funders in Germany is limited.

All in all it sounds good. The document reads well now. So we can just edit according to the Funders requirements.

( A little whisper from the wings to say I’m super glad things are moving with Advocate Europe and I’m sending energy for a smooth and successful application! )

All sounds good to me. Suffering from the Christmas illness right now, but should have time to help with the application writing between 3rd-8th. May even have time to come down to London between 9th-15th!

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Great, let me know if you come! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, @hugi and I are working in Sweden on fundraising for recode. There is alot of material produced. Happy to remix/ share. When’s the next community call?

I just emailed someone I know in Advocate Eur, let’s see if they can make time.

Given that we’ve previously failed in an application to them, I would only go forward with reassurances: they might not be keen on funding events, so it needs a strong spin through which the festival reinvents politics - it can be that we will work on 4-5 projects doing this already and barnraising from then, or the festival borrows part of the RECODE methodology and involves political parties willing to do different constituency mobilization. In this case, at least 1-2 political parties would be partners. I can also reach out to the poeple at Liquid Democracy in Berlin - they might come on board too. There are ideas we can take, the question is what works best so we actually get this.

Yes to 30K +.

On the side, love our team! I really like that we are moving forward with this and trust Henry to give us some solid advice once they review our doc… so that we dont waste time in this first months of 2018.

Well done for keeping this up!!!

I’m free that weekend, so i will come down on the Saturday or Sunday.
Perhaps we should go for late night Jazz on Sunday night? Doesn’t start til 11pm but i’ve had some fun nights there.

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Hi @alex_levene @noemi @natalia_skoczylas @nadia

Wishing everyone a fantastic new year. For some we’re carrying work from last year straight through to 2019 lol. So Do let us know how we shall tackle this. I was reluctant to add to the latest document (AdvocateEurope) at this stage, as it appears you’re all familiar with this funder. I’ll follow your lead. Do let me know if there’s anything else to be worked on whilst we wait for feedback from Henry, etc.

Super stoked for the next steps. I’m trying to open up my time so that I may be able to spend some time in Morocco but it’s appearing to be harder than I imagined. Will be in touch.

@noemi @alex_levene @Nadia

Updates from Sidi Kaouki
I’ve spent a week with Ceylan from Nieklitz and we had a chance to discuss our work - while Henry had to give up on his role in the festival due to an intense workload, @Ceylan and I had a chance to talk more about possible chance of rescuing the plan anyway. I told her that the amount of money required to do the festival in WBZ was an obstacle, but then the Open State of Politics are doing A Festival! this year themselves and they have expressed interest in collaborating on it, so this could be a way for us to join forces and resources and make it happen. Ceylan is traveling today, but I asked her to send an introductory email this week and schedule a meeting in Nieklitz sometime in April for us.


@natalia_skoczylasI wrote a mail to Anja and hope to hear from her soon! Henry would only be available on the 13th of April but I will not be there…so let’s wait what Anja replies and see if we first meet up in Berlin and then in Nieklitz… there will be an Open day on the 28th of April for everyone who is interested! Love Ceylan