OpenVillage Festival Program and Curators Note

I’ve emailed a few people to suss out potential sessions and most of them happen to be women which would help bring more gender balance. I guess if something comes together we include it as an open option.
Great @woodbinehealth have offered to do early morning physical care sessions. Bernard offered similar sessions - so perhaps a collaboration/splitting days? Also Kate has offered to host an early morning session harvesting dreams from the night before. It’d be good to have a sense of whether we can find space for both to take place.

Hey thanks for the thoughts/ info! We have some sessions being proposed with female and/or female focused care (reproductive access), pending blog posts and more info now. Will post when available. The dream sessions sound great and @kate_g will post more info. Also some thoughts on having the first few minutes of the harvesting sessions being a grounding/physical experience, help break up the afternoon.

I’ve chatted to Abeba and will write up an introduction. @woodbinehealth @noemi is there still space to include as an open session? It’ll be along the lines of how our conceptions of personhood and dialogical thinking create or otherwise the conditions for care, drawing also on experience of people inhabiting communities that are open and networked due to their traditional philosophy.

Happy to clown around with everyone. We can do a session of clowning and laughter


Dear All,

Kindly note that my organization " Skills to Succeed " expressed its willingness to host any workshop you need to organize in Tataouine , Tunisia .Our training room is fully equipped and we have an outstanding reputation regionally.

I look forward to seeing you !

Warm regards,

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Hi @Sabouny, are you considering coming to Brussels?? That would be great.

We are organising an Urban Game in the city about wellbeing, on the first day - you are welcome to give Matteo some ideas here about how a clowning activity could happen…

Hi @gehan! I’m sorry about the delay, this notification came in while I was still traveling last week. I would welcome Abeba for sure, even if we dont immediately see how a session would fit in the program at the moment. I think her contributions would be relevant to many sessions, and most useful in Day 3.

Hi Achref :slight_smile:
thanks for the offer. @zmorda is planning the workshop(s) in Tunisia, maybe have a chat with her?

Dr… Hana Mohammed Khalaf Alshloul from jordan
Summary (palm)
The best human personality influential for the year 2016 - High Commission for Human Development - Saudi Arabia
Sweden - Head of Department of Arabic Language and Literature - Al-Hayat Al-Jadida University - Sweden
Member of the Arab American Board
(Chairman of the Arab Cultural Association)
International Peace Coach - Canada
Certified Trainer of the World Federation of Development Sciences - Egypt
Not an initiative initiator I want - Malaysia
Member of Amnesty International - London
Gold Member - World Federation of Human Development Technologies
Member of the Federation of Volunteerism and Community Service

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Quite impressive credentials. Welcome to - we very much look forward to your participation here!

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Hello, I am a Pediatrician working in Brussels. My interest is focused on studying how to empower social networks for revaluing community-based infancy care in multicultural contexts. If there s still place for a discussion on the theme (preferably on Thursday or Friday) I would be happy to join !


Nice to meet you @Eri! If you look in the Festival space here on edgeryders you can see the final program - that latest version, while pretty much final, includes a freestyle slot on Friday and Saturday afternoon where anyone can propose a session to lead, in a more ad hoc way. We will organise them onsite.

That said, I’m looking forward to learn about your work and what draws you to this topic - go ahead and share your story (a few paragraphs) in the same festival space (see Add Topic), then we will include you on the participants list and send you the latest updates about the event. By the way of example - my story about the failings of the Romanian medical system is here.

Best I could do is evening of day 1 (earliest I can leave Oxford is 1:30, and will take me 4hrs at best to get to Brussels) and morning of day 2 (must be back in Ox by 5pm).

No way around it, I’m afraid— my funding depends on attendance. October is a very packed month :confused:

@noemi and team, @amelia and I have decided to go for this.

We would like a Day 2 morning session. Ideally, a long one, hackathon-style Masters of Networks (all morning). If not possible, we will take what we can get, ideally the first session in the morning to allow Amelia to go back to Oxford in time. Info:

  1. It’s a workshop. Title: “understanding community care with semantic social networks”, or something like that. Run by Amelia, @jason_vallet and myself.
  2. Presentation of OpenCare’s preliminary results, using GraphRyders as a way to illustrate it. No more than 30 mins.
  3. People fire up laptops, load up GraphRyders, group around questions and look for answers for the rest of the time. Questions could be of the type “what does it mean that X is connected with Y?” (implies reading material and reflecting on it); or of the type “what can we say about the structure and clustering of codes?” (implies messing around with the graph as a whole). Jason could contribute with rapid-fire analysis on Tulip.
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Good. To minimally disrupt other sessions, I suggest you guys take the slot from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM - with a lunch break in between (12/12:30 until 2 PM…). That way we dont add a 4th parralel session in the morning at 9.

How’s that @alberto ? Ping @woodbinehealth

No can do. @amelia needs to leave for Oxford early. 12 is the latest we can do this.

So maybe @Bernard would then accept his session to be moved on Sunday morning/ or afternoon? For what it’s worth, this sequencing makes more sense anyway - first opencare results, then openvillage stuff - with Galway being so hands on :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure @noemi Sunday morning would be good.

Ok great, changes made! soz @woodbinehealth, i took the liberty to do it because I didnt get a response from you in a while and we need to move faster…

So Ethnography happens all morning.

Hi all— is this set? Can I go ahead and book the tickets? @noemi @alberto