Organise transport to and from Tbilisi!

For the Spot the Future June event we need to find low-cost itineraries from Eqypt, Europe, etc, to Tbilisi. The lower the price, the more people we can cover. You can check and alter the wiki made for this here. However, it would be great if someone would take the responsibility for this task to make sure it is all being coordinated correctly and efficiently.

Reaching Tbilisi:

By train & car

Especially suited if you’re coming from Armenia, the cheapest option is the night train (or bus?) Consider ridesharing to lower the individual costs, anyone up for coordinating a group?

By plane

If you’re coming from Europe or Egypt, the easiest is to fly via Istanbul and catch a connection flight. Plan ahead and check visa rules here (Egyptians especially), if you need one get in touch asap!

Hitchiking: @guaka and @elf Pavlik are experienced hitchikers and @Asta has hitchhiked around Georgia too. So they maybe have some suggestions

Any other creative alternatives you can think of or offer?

about the visa

My situation is that I am Egyptian but now in Germany with a schengen visa , will I need an entering visa or just stamping the passport ? does anyone know I am searching on the website but can’t find it

Need invitation?

@Hazem if you need an official invitation in support for your visa let @Khatuna know, she said her office can help with that.

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will let u know


will ask the embassy and if so I will ask for it

Any news on this?

I have checked all the website links and apparently no need to ask for a visa prior to coming. If you have a valid passport you can enter the country and get a visa on the spot, allowing for a max 30 days stay. Am I right? Can anyone confirm this?

will keep u updated here

that’s what I found on the internet but to double check I have sent an email to the Georgian embassy in Berlin asking about the situation for Egyptians . if the got late in replay will pass by them this week , will keep u all updated with this issue

any news on this

Any updates? :slight_smile:

Shengen doesn’t apply to Georgia, so you will need a visa, but you can get it at the Georgian Embassy in Germany.


The cheapest flight ticket from Cairo to Tbilisi is Turkish Airlines for 4416 EGP

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@Hazem I believe that you need not a visa. I am double checking with my brother. Please check this out. You get the visa at the airport! Visa requirements for Egyptian citizens - Wikipedia

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thnx - I will check also

thnx for the link

I will check also from the embassy and will let u know . and if u know any more info , please let me know .

I will ask also for Egyptians coming from Egypt as it seems from Wikipedia that  visa is on arrivals anyway

carpooling / ridesharing ?

Does anyone know about services operating in that region similar to and ?

For hitchhiking please make sure to read: Georgia - Hitchwiki: the Hitchhiker's guide to Hitchhiking

Carpooling,Public Transport in Tbilisi, Egyptians in Tbilisi

On Carpooling/ridesharing

This does not exist for sure in Georgia.  Carsharing etc. is much more complicated than other forms of sharing/pooling, as you need to clarify a lot of security issues  to clarify - esp to ensure that security pays in case of an accident even if the cardriver was not the carowner. I don’t think this clarification/business model is feasible (yet) for small countries like Georgia.   But we had meeting on collaboration in sharing in another group and are interested to introduce/test other sharing platforms, e.g. on tool sharing, skil sharing - in Georgia.   Any experience on introducing such platforms in developing countries is welcome.

On public transport in Tbilisi: once in Tbilisi,  you can pay  Metro, busses and minibusses with a metrocard available e.g. at any Metro station. You can find your way from a to b with public transport via


On Egyptians in Tbilisi:  this is not directly transport-related, but you might be interested in the fact that thousand of Egyptians have recently migrated to Georgia can fin& contact them on fb, Facebook - maybe some of  them would be willing help participants from Egypt with accomodation etc.?



ok so not here to promote carpooling, but merely to inform that the upcoming version of our app ( will have universal locations and thus be usable also in Georgia/Armenia, etc. in addition to @Anna’s group.

@Anna, btw what news re the email i sent u?

Its about carpooling with Facebook connections - so no issue of trust or it is solved as much as it can be solved - and so people travelling from armenia or by land from anywhere can indeed use to coordinate and ride with each other.

I did not have intention to promote carpooling, just wanted somehow to suggest my help @Hayk  :)

For Armenians there is no need for visa!

For the participants coming from Armenia, we don’t need any visa, just a valid passport, and what about transportation, I can share it on my Carpool group, because we had experience of sharing a car from Yerevan to Tbilisi. :slight_smile:

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It would be great!

Anna thanks! would you then post a call on the facebook group?

Ideally you guys should be arriving on the 23rd or 24th of June and going back on the 26th. We still don’t know how many Armenians will come, an estimate is around 10.

Even if we get few offers or only for one way it still helps as it lowers the cost.

When’s the best time to post it? Is it too soon now?

Dear Noemi, I can share it even now, but I guess it will be more proper to do it a bit later, in order to be more concrete. And if possible i would like to have the contacts of people from Armenia, It will be much easier :slight_smile:

perhaps a silly question

In my head things are still fuzzy about the June event in Tbilisi.

Who is going/participating in the event? Is there a criteria? How does the process of participation work? Who takes care of organizational issues?

Perhaps i missed some discussions - there are many thread posts about this event here - but just to clarify. I might be at that period of time in the region so just asking to understand.

Emailed you last week

Hi @2mavin, thanks for bringing it up, as a matter of fact we’re working to set up an overview of the event here: /t/futurespotters-event/410

Re: who is participating - anyone who wishes to, but funding is limited so we’re inviting most active community members on a rolling basis via email. I’d sent you one, check please ?:slight_smile: