Coming to the #futurespotters Event in Tbilisi? Here's how we are organising accomodations, travel food etc!

Photo is from a previous Edgeryders community event :slight_smile:

futurespotters is a #nospectators intiative. We keep the events free of charge so anyone can come and we have a limited number of paid travel tickets for people who contribute to making it a meaningful and generative experience for everyone involved. Read: if you want to be eligible for tickets to the event, you are expected to be very active in building the program.

Those of you based in Georgia are encouraged to really take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your work, skills, culture… well as help the world to understand what challenges you face in your quest to build the future you want for yourselves and your communities. So, the best way to get your questions about accommodations, travel, food etc is to pick up a task, find the answers and share them with others by updating the wikis.

1. Coordinate cheap travel, carpooling, find people to hitchhike with etc and suggest creative ways to get to Tbilisi here!

2. Help organise cheap or free lodging inTbilisi here!

3. Georgia-based community members! We hear amazing things about the food…can we prove them right on a tight budget? Also we really like and want to support initiatives like food not bombs etc so let us know if there is anything around. Come help here!

4. A great gathering should be matched with a cool venue, no? Know of any unsual venues we could do the event in? Squats, ships, hackerpspaces…even parks :slight_smile: We’re open to anything as long as there is wifi (and places to sit for the people with bad backs :)) and would love to support initiatives outside the usual event organisation circuit! Come help here!

5. Show us how Georgians make life beautiful and fun :slight_smile: We would love to learn about Georgian culture not in a turist broschure type way but for real. Bring friends and instruments, organise a tour of the places you love…whatever, we’re up for helping but you need to drive. Come!