Outreach & dissemination call #1: Call summary


This post is a summary of what was discussed during our Outreach & Dissemination Team call on 6/6/2019 16:00-17:00 CET . Present: @Jirka_Kocian @natalia_skoczylas @hugi @noemi @johncoate @marina @alberto @inge @fsimonov and @nadia


Everyone does:

  1. Add your rough reflections, further questions etc following our call in one comment below
  2. Write down everything you know of in terms of your schedules activities, upcoming events etc in a separate comment
  3. Come to a weekly content call: community managers for different projects and languages quckly go through their picks of last week’s content and Inge & Filip can ask questions.

Filip/Inge do:

  • Set up Content plan
  • Set up flow of content on edgeryders that can tackle different aspects of the platform
  • Figure out the workflow

Nadia does:
Schedule the weekly call after consulting the team for a time that works for all.


Inge: Anything that needs to go out into the world, ping inge and she can read & optimise it - content. Needs help with: Messaging. ". When I started editing, i felt maybe I should explain why I am editing this way. Noticed some stuff is missing: What is the added value what we are asking people to do? And what are we doing with these stories? More generally there is a Platform wide chammenge: most people do not read full stories, people read one paragraph and then they leave. With every story we need one sentence description at the top. So if you have one on one conversations with people about your project, what do you say/ how do you explain what it is about? Send me that. Also ping me where you need help and explain what you think needs to be done with it. I might miss things, or you might have a cool idea that I havent thought of"

  • Noemi: “I see. But Inge, one thing: note that POPREBEL is engaging more with lay people, some of whom have really strong experiences of deprivation. so for them I think we need to show the rewards of the stories and paid positions more proeminently

  • Inge: “can you explain “lay people” and deprivation?

  • Noemi: “maybe I’m wrong and how you design it is: if the message is attractive, it should speak to digitally savvy and not; added value can be reward: like ladies who suffered abortion; or who are feminist activists; or priests; really, across the spectrum

  • Natalia: regarding the people who poprebel addresses: i’d call them "regular"people, not necessarily very internet-savvy, but also not too many left-leaning (which we have a majority of active on the platform atm, mostly because I try to just snowball movement by bringing relevant, strong stories)

Filip does: Social media wizard who knows how to get it out in the world in the right way - distribution to right people with the right content. Needs help with: “I am now creating a funnel, to see which kinds of content fit into which part of the funnel - I need you to tell me what you think would work with people I Which are profiles of people who already come in? Which are stories which triggered them in the past? Also what we think will trigger them in the future…Also, I need you to tell me which kinds of cool content you already have which could work (video works better than images)” Need to figure out the added value for reader - what is your program/project about? how do you explain the project in-person?If you have one on one conversations with people about your project, what do you say/ how do you explain what it is about? Send me that! Also ping me where you need help and explain what you think needs to be done with it. I might miss things, or you might have a cool idea that I havent thought of"_ "

Noemi: Is the team leader for the community management in Wellbeing in Europe. Role is to build capacity and processes for our team, make sure there are sections on the site in the different languages. Need help with: "We assumed that the first thing that people who show up should be to sign up for the virtual cafe. So far Natalia has been talking to people one on one, which is not sustainable. I need help with spreading the message to get people we dont know to come to the virtual cafe: 1) outreach for community calls/ Virtual Cafes 2) Pushing out weekly summaries collected by community managers onto social media "

Hugi: Only works on NGI - outreach to the grassroots community; finding unusual suspects; go to the hacker communities and activists and engage them to come to the platform. One way so far has been an event in Stockholm, a pre-launch of the project/platform that brought in a seed community. I also go out to other events - ccc camp, Radical Networks and talk about the project needs help with: disseminate stories to a larger group, getting them to journalistic level editing for mass spread; out on social media. For following event - help with messaging prior.

Natalia needs help with: reaching groups of people we do not normally meet with, people with right wing views, needs help to engage them and. Feels platform is not so user friendly, it takes personal leading around before stories can happen. "Nadia has created umbrella story for how we tackle them - but it is not clear how to communicate them appropriately. "

Jirka - I Mirror Natalia - I work on POPREBEL, is community manager for the czech part of the wellbeing in Europe project- also involved in the post analysis of the content we will have. I am trying to transfer this concept we have in mind and the into possibly relevant ideas for the czech engagement….we started to exchange ideas for last couple of weeks.

John: Been in internet business for 30 years. As main NGI community manager focus is on the conversations themselves, trying to bring out the best and most ongoing communication amongst the people who show up on platform. Believes in events as good way to bring in people. Believer in the story basis - what people say about what they are doing, what they are coming from and what they are about. So far I think the discussions are high level.

Background to call:

With the addition of @inge and @fsimonov the Edgeryders Outreach & Dissemination team is now set, it is time for a first call to introduce everyone who will be working together on community management and outreach activities. To get to know one another, go over routines and what we need to set up for a smooth workflow.

@noemi @johncoate @hugi @natalia_skoczylas @MariaEuler @Jirka_Kocian @alberto @marina


The date and time are good for me


Great to be part of team <3

So, overall - and unfortunately - 4PM CET basically never works for me as I am commuting to pick up my son from school. And every Monday I have a call at 3PM CET. All other days and times (except for Thursday mornings) I am available.

Can we perhaps meet later on Monday? Say 6 or 7PM? Or Meet on Tuesday at 2 or 3PM?


For me either is fine


Hi all,

I can do this week until Thursday included,
And next week only Friday,

If this is not possible go ahead without me please, and I will catch up.


I can also do earlier than next week. Only have meetings tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and Thursday morning.


Welcome welcome! Can we have a post to celebrate these new hires?


Isn’t the H2020 regular call at that same time on June 10?


yes once we have signed the contracts and we have agreed on the workflow, will ask the guys to write a post introducing themselves + embedding in it a call to action.


No it it one hour later afaik?


no not a good idea to do it without the community mgt - everyone. Saves time catching up later.


So, next proposal: THIS Thursday at 7PM CET?


No 4pm CET - @noemi @johncoate and I can make this time. This leaves @fsimonov @hugi @MariaEuler @Richard @Jirka_Kocian @alberto


ok, have asked George to pick up Leon so I can make the call as well


Thanks, indeed it works for me!


Works for me too.


CET or CEST? Former is doable, latter is not.




4 pm CET Tuesday? That would be 5 pm in Brussels. Or is it 6 pm CET? I am confused :frowning:


I can make it as well