Part-time research coordinator (call closed)

This position is now closed.

Job description

About Edgeryders

Edgeryders is a social enterprise, serving whoever looks for new ways for humane, autonomous, non-extractive and sustainable living. We grew out of an online community, which now has 4,000 members. We make our money by consulting, mostly (for now) in the area of social and economic development. Our consulting is based on what we call collective intelligence; in our case, this means a mixture of open conversations (mostly online), that are then studied by ethnographers. These conversations can get very large, but we have ways (and software) to aggregate them. Research is Edgeryders’ R&D lab, the place where we experiment with new methods and build new tools. More:


We are now looking to build a network of researchers, domain experts and project managers to scale our ability to take part in research projects. The research coordinator is the hub of the research network. (S)he:

  • Maps the strengths and skills of the company and its community.
  • Maps out opportunities to take part in exciting research projects.
  • Makes contact as needed with potential partners, researchers, allies and funders.
  • Represents Edgeryders at research-related events.
  • Coordinates the completion of research funding applications.
  • Reports to the research director (currently @alberto).

Duration, compensation, career perspectives

  • 8 months contract, starting immediately, looking to be transformed into permanent depending on performance and board approval.
  • One to two days per week, depending on seniority
  • 1,000 EUR per month.
  • Possibility to take on additional responsibilities and additional compensation on successful research proposals.
  • Edgeryders has no-hierarchies, only teams. You start as team leader, so you are already at the top in operations. We will consider a successful candidate for senior management (a seat on the board of directors), at the end of the 8 months period.

We offer

  • Freedom and autonomy. We estimate you will take one to two days a week to carry out your tasks, but no one will check how much time you spend at your desk. You are also welcome to use the office for your own work.
  • An exciting and friendly environment, and a shared sense of purpose and building our own future.
  • Flexibility. If we think we are a good match for each other, everything is negotiable. For example, if you are more junior and want to do an internship instead, we can discuss this.
  • Cheap, high quality accommodation in Brussels possible.

We require

  • The highest moral standards. Ethics in research is all-important, always. Also, we are a community as much as we are a company. We stand for each other, and are committed to operating with honour at all times.
  • Interest in research. Any discipline OK.
  • Ability to work in teams, and to lead one, giving it a sense of direction, maintaining a calendar to work with etc.
  • Comfortable working online. That’s what we do!
  • Fluency in English. Any other language a plus.
  • Excellent English reading/writing skills.
  • Good people skills.
  • Based in Brussels.
  • We are happy to consider candidates from all and any age, gender, nationality, culture, experience, qualifications or lack thereof.

Application process

The application process is based on practical skills.


There is no deadline. You can send in your application immediately. The process stops when we find the right person.

Step 1: apply

Write an email to alberto [at] edgeryders [dot] eu, stating why you think you are a good match for the role. Add a CV.

Step 2: Q&A

We make an appointment by phone or VOIP or in person. We use this to get to know each other better, and to give you a chance to ask questions about the position.

Step 3: assignment

The final stage of our recruitment process is a sort of test. We are testing your ability to map the company’s strength to opportunities for funded research, that is the key skill for a research coordinator. You will be asked to produce a concept note for a possible research project that Edgeryders might attempt. This means understanding what we are good at, and looking for opportunities where we, in your opinion can do a good job.

Don’t worry: we do not expect you to come with a workable proposition right away, we just want to see how your mind works. Spend a few hours on this, not a few weeks. If you do produce a workable idea, and we decide to use it, and we do get the contract, we promise on our honour to compensate you even if you don’t want to take the job.

A concept note is a document no longer than three pages, stating:

  1. The object of the research.
  2. Why Edgeryders is ideally suited for the project
  3. Who would fund the research. Please identify the specific opportunity: not “this would be funded by the European Union”, but “apply to the Collective Awareness Platforms call under Horizon 2020”. Explain why this call is suited to this project.

Materials to draw inspiration from as you write your concept note:

  1. Full application (but very short) for a project called Open&Change. This is perhaps the best example, because it touches on all the important points of a research proposal in a very short document.
  2. Concept note for a project called RECODE
  3. Short paper describing our most recent methodological advancement.
  4. Blog post on advancement on one year of OpenCare, our largest research project yet.

Step 4: get hired! Welcome to Edgeryders

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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The short paper on academia seems to have moved. To where?

Thanks for the heads up, @asimong. I tried to fix the link: try again?

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Thanks @alberto that works now!

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Hi @alberto Do you only look for applicants based in Brussels? Can the job be remote?

Hello @ivan_ezeigbo! Part of the job consists in going to research related events here on Brussels: presentations of programmes, partner matching etc. So, while alk our positions are normally remote, for this one we have to insist on being based in Brussels. Ghent would be OK, but not Rome or Warsaw.

Hello! Do you offer support for obtaining a work visa in Brussels in case of selection?

Hello @nada. Within reason. We will write a contract and a letter confirming we need the person etc. But no more bureaucracy than this.

Do you know how long these processes usually are?

I wonder if an Egyptian based in Egypt can apply?

Nope. Brussels based only. Sorry :slight_smile: