Plan your Lote4 travel and accommodation

Heads up: travelling on the 19th

No flight from BXL on the 20th! Nadia and I will be there from the 19th.

So will I

I’ll be in the same flight apparently. I assume you take the train afterward?

help from the community of Matera

I have put a call out of FB for spare sofas, rooms etc to friends from Matera I will update on here as people get back to me. A friend, Donato is asking some Associations that can host us. Felice has a b’n’b which is a little out of town, about a half hour walk. I have also emailed a few b’n’b’s that I am in contact with. Will update the wiki as news come in. There is also the couch surfing community of Matera, (Nunzio, Vito and Cosimo.)

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Is this for more peeps?

Lauren, this sounds great, good move!

Is this open to the folks here and goes through you? Not sure what the trust issues are since they’re your friends… Do let us know as soon as you have more info. xx

Past outreach & accomodations hunting approches

Hi guys, Asta made this letter for #lote2 ages ago. perhaps something comparable in English and Italian might be a good way both to help people find accomodations andn engage more Materani in the event?

What do you think @NicoBis ?

Have booked flights - looking for accommodation

I arrive on 22nd and leave on 26th. Have found attractive places to stay on airbnb but probably more fun if there is somewhere to share. Am quite unfussy - a couch or mattress on a floor would be fine… Do let me know if something comes up. Patrick

Hi @Patrick_Andrews I could take spare double bed in Airbnb if you are still looking for someone?

Accomodation in Matera

Hi to everybody who is also looking for accomodation!

I’d like to share a room or Flat or couchsurf or sth. else. I’m neither willing nor really able to pay over 200,00 € for five nights stay.

Tried to book at the Monacelle but it seems to be all occupied for the time in question (22. to 27. October).

Any suggestions, helpful advice, adresses? Would be highly appreciated!

Looking forward to it.


Hey @Anna Peregrina, please check and if you didn’t see it yet, and let me know if there is nothing - I will ask around. Feel free to email me at anytime if help needed, you know, I’m here to help you :slight_smile:

Host still available?

@Natalia_Skoczylas I’m wondering if those 4 spots with discounted rates are still available, and how many? Might send someone that way…

Noemi, i can arrange additional room in one of the bnbs here with multiple beds for a very little price. it is where you will stay I think (Lemonacelle) - there is one big room that works like a hostel. I am waiting for Dorotea to confirm this particular reservation. But please, in case you’re know of people looking for beds, just forward it to me.


I was under the impression they are fully occupied, but great.

So ping @Dorotea and @Inga_Popovaite, and whoever else wants to take on the offer…


Hi Natalia, can you send more details about this hostel (my email is vgratian at Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sounds great!

natalia, could you send me more info to

2 person room for 25 EUR, wanna share?

Hey guys, I am booking a room at B&B Best Value, which costs 25 EUR for each person. I am taking a room for 22-26 October. Anyone interested to share the room with me, please let me know asap!

Guys, i am sendin you an email right now - there are places and without breakfast it is 20 euros for night, it is in the sassi. There are more beds left, so if anyone wants, please write me an email and I will sort it out. It is better as i speak Italian;)

Hi @Natalia_Skoczylas my email is are there any rooms going 23rd-27th? I’m going to book my flights tomorrow morning so will have concrete dates in 24hrs.

Accommodation request

request - Natalia, please book me 6 nights 21-26th inclusive (fly Bari to London Mon 27th) - thanks a #literally,  David

spare bed

Yes, I still have a spare bed in the place I am taking on Airbnb. You can see it here. It is for 3 nights from 23rd. There is a double bed and a sofa bed - if someone wants the sofa bed for Euros 25 per night, get in touch.

News from today

Dear Noemi,

thanks for the Info, I am very much looking forward to spending some time together in Matera.
I tried to log in the Wiki a week ago, but didn’t manage.
I will arrive Friday, leaving Sunday and am looking for a place for two nights as part of a group of people sharing something. I am very flexible with the conditions. Maybe you could help me to find something?
Thank you and very kind regards from Jordan,