Planning for April and May

Hello @reeflings,

Last Wednesday we met with the Coordination Group to discuss the planning for April and May (internal link to minutes). Here’s a quick post on the key conclusions, plus a call for volunteers for a couple of tasks. Any feedback welcome!

1. Key conclusions

  • Overview of planning for April and May (internal link)

  • We focus on the first priority tasks, and let go of the second priority tasks if necessary (see document linked above).

  • Team Governance and Team Inclusion are put on hold

  • We don’t focus too much on the teams as they were, but get organised in small and temporary task-specific teams

  • Ugne, Sarah and Sophie are volunteering to join Team Building / Team Scouting exercise. @reef-building, is this ok with you? @Dave_behave did I understand it correctly that you would be willing to join too?

2. First priority tasks for April

  • Scouting strategy

  • Getting started with the notary

  • Presentation 20/04

  • Onboarding process

  • Decision to move forward

  • Statutes review

  • Budget

  • Confesseur follow-up

For further details, see the planning for April & May (internal link). Please feel welcome to make changes to the document (using the track changes mode).

3. Tasks looking for a volunteer or coordinator

Please note: the below are just suggestions. Please feel free to say no if you don’t want to do something.

  • Sophie will be launching a Doodle for the next Team Building meeting. On the agenda: consent to new temporary members, selection of a coordinator, distribution of responsibilities for the different tasks.

  • One-pager to approach communes and real estate brokers: @JeremyH is this something you’d be willing to take on? (We would need by the beginning of May and I’d be happy to sit together to discuss the outline if you like)

  • Team Finance has three items on the list of first priority tasks: notary follow-up, budget and confesseurs follow-up. To be discussed internally.

  • Public presentation 20/04: we are looking for one person who would be willing to take the lead on the admin stuff (sending emails and stuff), and two more people who can be there on the day starting fromm 18:30 to help out. More information in the manual (internal link).

  • Organise a social event?


I already volunteered for this one. Can take on the admin as well.

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I’m going to take responsibility for this :slight_smile:

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Hello everyiobe, as of 19 April I will be available to resume tasks such as the scouting exercise.


thank you for such a clear documentation,
feel free to delegate some task to me if needed

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