Plenary meeting 17/04

Hello @reeflings,

The next plenary meeting is scheduled for next Monday, 17/04.

At the Coordination Group meeting we consented to the following draft agenda (internal link):

  • Decision to move forward
  • Confirmation of the choice of the notary
  • The budget for 2023
  • Team Community
  • Organisation of the plenaries

We also listed the strategy to go scouting, but it seems like this would benefit from being postponed to the next plenary meeting, which is planned for 02/05.

Can I please ask those who are in charge of presenting a proposal to add a link to their document in the agenda, and let people know about the update in this thread?

If anybody would like to suggest an extra item, that would be welcome. Otherwise I would propose that we make it a short plenary and go for a beer with those who want to stay.

Other than I would like to encourage you to have a look at the post about the planning for April and May, in particular section 3, which lists the tasks that are still looking for a volunteer.


Hello everyone, I’m going to meet the mayor of Anderlecht soon (not before April 14th) concerning my tourism project in the town (Camp in Brussels). What do you think about talking to him at the end of the meeting about The Reef project and leaving him a document summarising the project and our search for land ? If so, could one of you prepare such a document? Thank you for your reply and have a nice day.


Hi @Sebastiem,

Thanks so much for the offer!

I am not sure we’re going to be able to produce this one-pager on such short notice (it’s on the to do list for the beginning of May), but maybe you could print him a copy of the Blueprint 1.0 brochure, and tell him we are looking for a site of 600 m² buildable area plus a 900 m² garden?

Or would you have time to produce such a document yourself? I can help a bit with the outline, but not much more than that. If not, no problem of course.

Does the Blueprint 1.0 brochure exist in French as I doubt that English is effective in the municipality? If not, can I translate it?

You can certainly translate it, but I fear that’s going to be an awful lot of work.

In case it can be of help, here’s a first possible outline for a one-pager: Feel free to do with it whatever you like of course.

Thanks Lee, I will print the Blueprint 1.0 in English and add a short summary in French with the key points. Bien à toi !


Hi everyone!

The proposal regarding the organisation of the plenaries is now available here:

It would be much appreciated if @manuelpueyo and @RichardB could review it, and if the other members of @reef-governance could also have a look. All feedback welcome :slight_smile:

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Very convincing and balanced proposal in my view - thanks for stressing the importance of the wellbeing of the community overall :slight_smile:

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Hi @ChrisM, this looks all good to me, no comments!

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All good for me too.
To test for the weekend option, we will need to make sure that people are well aware of the change of date in advance (I would say that an individual thread about the proposal would be a good way to flag that quickly, on top of the plenary minutes…)

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Also I won"t make it tonight, sorry, I’m isolating…