Team Building: getting started

Hi @JolanWuyts,

What I meant to say is: your survey is close to perfect, it’s based on input from the architects, so if they are not coming through in time with their feedback, my preference would be to send the survey to the Reeflings, so that they get sufficient time. What do you think?

Ahh I see, thanks for clarifying! I haven’t heard back from the architects yet, so I do agree that if we don’t have an answer by tomorrow we can go ahead and send the ‘unchecked’ survey to everyone, to at least get as much info as we can before the end of March. If we need additional info we can always ask for it later down the line.

Great! Just a question: can it be an option to put the deadline around mid-March?

The reason for this is that Alberto needs data on the size of the units to estimate how we can differentiate people’s contribution to the option. He already presented the basic reasoning in a separate post (warning: if you have a strong inner nerd, it may be easily get dragged in :smiley:), and he realised he needs more concrete data to be able to finish the job.

Well, the real reason for this is that we cannot do anything at all without le programme, that gives us the specs of the site we need to buy. But indeed, one of the things this unlocks is that particular decision.

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Hiya! Here are the answers from the architects to the questions you posed in the above post:

  • cost of a feasibility study: between 8 and 12 hours of work at the cost of 60 EUR/hour excluding VAT. so the ‘worst case’ there is a cost of 871 EUR including 21% VAT for 12 hours of work.
  • the architects have no standard contract they use for feasibility studies. They’re going to look into adapting a different standard contract they have to share with us.

Hey @reef-building, @Sarah, @ugne and (potentially?) @Dave_behave,
As you know or have seen in this post, we had a coordination group meeting last Wednesday where we discussed the priority tasks for April and May. The scouting exercise is, obviously, very high on the list and Team Building has considerably shrunk over the past weeks. As some other teams are dormant or not very active at the moment, we figured it would be useful to focus on important tasks and not stick to one’s assigned team.

My question therefore is if you’d be happy to have a few (temporary) additional members. From the coordination group, Ugne, Sarah and myself would be happy to help. If anybody else from @reef-associate would like to join - poll below :slight_smile:

I understand, that you, @MariaAM, are very busy until 19/04 but maybe you would have time for a quick meeting - and if not, I guess we can make it work after that date as the proposal on the scouting exercise has been postponed to the plenary on 02/05 which gives us enough time to schedule a meeting to discuss the Team’s set-up and distribute the different tasks.
So here is the poll:

Next Team Building Meeting
  • 12/04 (8pm)
  • 13/04 (8pm)
  • 14/04 (8pm)
  • 15/04 (8pm)
  • 16/04 (8pm)
  • 18/04 (8pm)
  • 19/04 (8pm)
  • 20/04 (8pm)
  • 21/04 (8pm)
  • 22/04 (8pm)
  • 23/04 (8pm)
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Take care,



I haven’t put any date before the 21/04 since maria is not available. Which means I don’t have much availability, sorry. If it does not happen on the day when I can definetly join, I’ll see whether I can make it work last mn.


Thanks @MariaAM, @Sarah and @ugne for filling in the poll. @MariaClaudia and @Dave_behave - does the 21/04 and/or the 23/04 work for you?
Also, thanks to @Lee, we already have a draft agenda with possible items to discuss :slight_smile: Feel free to add to it!

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Looks like it’s going to be the 4 of us, @MariaAM, @Sarah and @ugne.
@Sarah is there any chance you could be available for a meeting on 21/04 - maybe earlier if that works for the others? I’ll be on a train all day on 23/04 unfortunately, and I think it would be really important to get everyone together :slight_smile:

A meeting on the 21 from 17.00 onwards works for me.

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HI guys! We have a dinner on Friday night, so 21 August could definitely work, but could we make it at 5pm then so we have time to finish by the time we need to leave? Thanks!

Sorry but I’m working until 6pm, so won"t be able to make it at 5pm…

What about we start at 17h30 & Sara joins us at 18h?

I don"t think it’s gonna work. I rarely finish on time… But we can keep it that way, and I’ll see whether I can join or not…

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@Sarah, @ugne and @MariaAM, ok if we say 6pm so that Sarah doesn’t miss most of the meeting? I’ll put it in the calendar. See you all on Friday!

P.S.: And of course: Best of luck for tomorrow @MariaAM :slight_smile:


yes, thank you @Sophie_Beese !

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Hey @MariaAM (and also @ugne and @Sarah), I have just saved a draft of the proposal for the scouting excercise:
Let me know what you think and feel free to add to it :slight_smile:


Looks great!
I’ve just made a small comment about timing…

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Thanks @Sarah!
About the one pager: If I do a first draft in French (unless someone else would like to do it?), would you be able to proofread it?

Hey guys,

Rather than doing it at the plenary, I took the liberty to insert two small comments into the document. Can you please have a look?

Other than that I have a couple of questions:

  • Do you have a plan about how to deal with the Excel list that Manuel received?

  • To get a feeling of making progress, do you think you can set a target about what you’d like to achieve by the end of May? For example: which parts you would like to have covered?

  • Will we receive a piece of the map on Tuesday?

  • Will there be some feedback to the people who filled in a fiche?

  • Will we collect all the addresses in an Excel ourselves, so that maybe some day we can give something back to another group?

Thanks in advance!