Plenary meeting 10/04/2024

I’m starting a new thread because I’d like to keep the selection process thread free from chatter that will no longer be interesting in two days. Not a criticism, just a freak for keeping things somewhat together here on the forum.

On a side note: where will the plenary take place?

hi @reeflings
I think this is a great place to post the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting. Please read the proposals
Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

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i thought it was at Alberto’s (@alberto ?)

hi @Lee @ugne

wednesday, before the plenary, @Caro and me are going to the meeting with the architects/commune/région concerning JET-14. I don’t know if some feedback needs to be given during the plenary and maybe some further decision to be made on the next steps (or not)? (And also possibly seeing the neighbour)
I have the impression that the agenda is full as it is, so we can also easily give feedback on ER, as you wish…


Thanks Els! I think everybody will be very keen to know more, so I added an item to the agenda.

On another topic, I just wanted to point everybody’s attention to the upcoming sociocracy and NVC trainings:

If you haven’t done so yet, can you please fill in the poll for the basic training?


Hello @reef-associate,

Tomorrow we will have a long agenda item on the selection processes (see Multi selection process plenary 10/04/2024).

The essence of these processes is to bring out the collective intelligence on who the group is best placed for a certain role. This implies that is essential to have sufficient information about people’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to meaningfully participate in these rounds.

It feels bit uncomfortable to communicate this, because we really want to be as open and inclusive as possible and we really appreciate the input from our Associate Members during our plenary meetings, but when @ChrisM and I were preparing the facilitation this afternoon, we realised that this is a bit of a special case. Had you been in The Reef for a bit longer, we would have loved to include you, but at this point in time, where you have met most Reeflings only 2-3 times, this seems a bit difficult.

So you are very welcome to attend the second part of the meeting (which will be a bit like a Full Members meeting) and observe the process, but unfortunately we find it difficult to find a way to include you. If that means you would prefer to go home after the break, or even not show up, given the very light agenda, that is equally fine.

I am genuinely feeling sorry about this, but I trust you understand that we would like to make progress on this item.

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It will be at my place. The address is in the agenda.

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Sorry, can’t make it tonight. Coming home late from Paris :face_with_peeking_eye:


Hi all, just a little message to say I won’t make the plenary tonight.


Quick follow-up to the selection process: we figured that it is becoming very hard to have meetings where all of us are present, and so even though we were a relatively small group we decided to do the selection process, but to wait with the consent round until the next plenary meeting.

So the proposal that will be subject is the following:

  • Coordinator & Back-up: myself and Ugne
  • Full Members Meeting Coordinator: Chris
  • Secretary: Sophie

Term: 12 months