POPREBEL workshop description

At Edgeryders, we keep meeting people like you. You are smart, dedicated and daring.

We meet people who become voluntary care providers for mothers who have lost their children in Poland.

You try to run your own business - you’re even doing well if it wasn’t for the various legal or pragmatic obstacles your country has created for people like you.

$$$ This is to be updated with newer stories and expanded.

We have hundreds of these stories, and we are sure there are thousands more out there.

You are interested in how your country, community, city, the family does and feels - and you care about making their lives better. Now, we know that politics in places we live can be slow, frustrating, not enough to tackle all the challenges ahead of us, which is why we are always on the lookout for grassroots solutions, new forms of solidarity and activism, and passionate individuals who want to engage with others and change reality around them.

We have been looking around for stories that show skills, mutual trust, resources, solutions and point out some of the issues that need to be addressed - but alone, we might not have the energy and possibilities to bring about the change. We believe that one part of the solution is an integrated global network of local projects, equipped with open source knowledge and technology.

Because we know that diversity is critical, we are exploring how we can build “smart swarms” - decentralized strategic collaborations between hundreds of small communities and organizations across countries and sectors. Join us for this workshop if you wish to learn more about how Edgeryders is building such a solution and how your project or ideas can benefit from it.

Why us?

We’ve been working with individuals and groups across the globe for years now.

We have supported grassroots initiatives in Tibilisi and Yerevan, we have worked on post-earthquake ideas in Nepal in 2015 and have created active, vibrant communities around various social, econimical, political and, well, human issues and challenges.

We have met incredible people who change the way care and health care are provided in their countries - and we had a chance to help them move forward their projects and ideas.

And we are now worries about the state of Europe, which requires new imagination, new kinds of involvement, new energies and smarter people and solutions. We know they’re there - somewhere at the edges of the mainstream media buzz and your regular politics. Let’s meet each other and steward the futures we dream about.

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This is the first draft - we will then create various versions with different stories, and more diverse angles once we have more stories. But I believe for now this is the gist - I could also call it something, like unconference, to or we can find a better name for it.

Let me know what you think is missing - @nadia, @Noemi @Inge - I hope this is a decent starter to work with.

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I think this is a great start, but it would need a little bit of rewriting.

When are we planning to share this?

I think in a month or so, once we have the local connector and more context/decisions regarding where this will be heading in each city - the event is in November

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minimum 2 months ahead of the event.

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