Preliminary Worldbuilding Participitation Map/Table of content - What can you do where?

Dear future and economics heads!

This is a preliminary list of links and contacts to help you to orient yourself a bit when you start out engaging with this worldbuilding project.

There will be a more thorough and creative world map down the line, but this is here to help us get started together.

The first question to ask is “What do you want to do here?”

  • You have thoughts and want to connect after one of our events. If you have been attending one of our events, like the Worldbuilding Academy webinar on the 7th of Dec. 2020 and have now a bunch of thoughts and want to help us further by answering a few questions and on top of that connect to us directly please fill in this form.

The main roads:

  • Being a part of the community. If you are here to engage with the community, have casual and social scifi conversations with a deeper meaning, go here.

  • Contributing to an ongoing co-creational story. Just read, get inspired and press reply. (Our world is still rather young, some links will be added here soon.)

  • Sharing your own story. If you want to share a story or concept you have already been working on or are inspired to develop now, to get some feedback and nice comments, please open up a new topic in this category. Just press “New Topic” on the upper right-hand side.

  • Giving feedback and contribute thoughts to stories and ideas. Have a look at the stories posted by community members in this category or check out these threads:

    • Give us your opinion on how we could develop this world by answering a few questions.
    • Explore and contribute to the beginning of the development (these threads will be publically accessible from January, consider them teasers for now):
    1. Original concept note (which we are evolving past - but this may be the most public)
    2. Founding and history of this world
    3. Economy of the Covenant
    4. Proposed Distrikt



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