Preparing the new interface for edgeryders

Ok, here is the basic outlook - the design will be different, the questions and texts as well, but we imagine it to function like this

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ok, help me understand how I go from having filled in this form to the platform? It’s like a survey form like this…

It will be then presented as a post on the platform - it’s just to break down the interaction and guide people a bit through the process. This is what’s different about it - a bit of a different dynamics in preparing posts or sharing information, but the outcome will be your regular edgeryders post from a brand new user each time the “survey” is completed.

just be sure it’s quick, people tend to leave if they have to go from post to post, pop-up to pop-up, before they can do what they wanted to do, But if this makes it easier/faster, I’m all for it of course.

Do you have an example how this could be done easier?

This is a wonderful example how a similar campaign could be done - they use typeform to collect information. And it’s pretty much what I had in mind when I suggested doing Humans of Poland as our outward-facing site, but that didn’t take traction back then and got lost.

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Compared to Wellbeing, this has an advantage of being very specific. My research for the biennale is also both a game and a very specific inquiry, and it will happen in a nice space - as part of a broader, gamified concept of our design proposal that hacks access to retirement home, so I hope it will work, if it’s simple and fun enough.

have you tested a low-fi version to see how people react?

We haven’t tested this with anyone else than me and my colleague, Pika, but I think people do answer survey-like forms. We could try it out if I happen to go to a bigger event sometime soon and I buy a tablet or something. I will check today if I could have a tablet provided to me within a week or so.

BIO will be a massive test though, with 30.000 visitors

The good part is that I’m now in a team with an experienced UX designer who works for this company: on various interfaces.

The reason i ask is because we have seen really experienced designers put together interactive pieces and then they dont work on location. You need to debug every step of the way and still have plans b,c,d in case things fail anyway.

gorgeous page, great stories, impressive team. But how does this link to the sign-up form you propose?

This reminds me more of the landing pages/ campaign pages conversation we’re having here:

Tho maybe I am missing something in the conversation :slight_smile: I mean, I just joined the conversation. Sorry if I am!

You’re right - it will do a slightly different thing, as it will directly create a story from a unique user each time the form is filled. This is more to show how to make something simple and attractive, with very simple prompts to ask people for a couple of sentences, rather than a word or two.

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These are the updated questions

Can you let me know how is it going and if this is enough or you need more information and what kind? @matthias @owen @hugi

We will be testing the questionnaire over the coming week and i will include the feedback in shaping the questions and design even further.

Let me know! :wink:

This is also another proposal - sorry i guess its late for such changes, but what do you think? Would it be compatible with our platform “Introducing Conversational Form 1.0” by SPACE10

I came back from the Borderland yesterday, and no work has started so far. Checking with @owen again about his availability now.

Hmm, can’t get past first screen.

The plan was that you’d sketch out the UX first with the designer, and then we’d use that sketch to build it, yes? That will give by far the best results. Talk to your designer about doing a step by step wireframe of how it should look and act, then we can give that to someone to code.

@matthias, have you already started on the backend service for this? I guess it makes sense to build that first (or at least have the specifications for input data format from the client).

Owen is swamped with higher priority work atm

This is it, should work now

If you think there is no time and capacity and it doesnt seem worthy, lets call it off - we will use something else.

I think it’s important to do this, and it’s something that could end up being re-usable in many other contexts… @natalia_skoczylas I went over the thread, what kind of deadline are we looking at?

I think @nadia is right, there needs to be a wireframe and copy finalised before any coding so we don’t run into some problems we’ve had before. If this will take a bit of time, it gives me a bit of breathing room to work on it with you.

On my end the order of priority is to finish the PopRebel/NGI sites within the next week and publish some documentation for the Design System I’ve been using, then I can relax a bit more and focus on this along with the Campaigns and About pages - the three of them I think would fit quite nicely together.

@natalia_skoczylas I also think the Conversational Form is the way forward for surveys like this, combined with something similar to Google AMP Stories for creating simple swipeable Instagram/Facebook style stories.

Its more like early to mid september, so no huge rush. We will sit again with Pika and update the wireframe asap

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