Finalizing the Wellbeing funnel website

This is a wiki last updated August 12th. For final versions of the website copy go here:

Landing Page International → Landing Page international

Landing Page German → Landing Page German

Landing Page Polish → Landing Page: Polish

Landing Page Czech → Landing Page Czech

Landing Page Serbian → Landing Page: Serbian

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Calls to Action: to show up most visibly on each language landing page

For the International page:

[DISCARDED] Meet the Local connectors in our team and apply to become one by simply writing to Poznajcie polski zespół POPREBELSÓW

For the German page:

We are preparing to launch the project in Germany and we are looking to hire a community connector to organise events for sharing stories. Apply early by sharing your story here: Wellbeing in Europe - Edgeryders

For the Serbian page:

We are preparing to launch the project in Serbia! Open call for community connector who also speaks English, apply here: EdgeRyders wish to hire a community manager!

For the Polish page:

Do you have a story to share about your life or other people you know? Submit it for 200 EUR reward, here is how: Opowiedz nam historie z życia w Polsce i zarób 200 €

For the Czech Page:

Join our team! We are looking for a local connector and event organiser. Interested? Contact us at ! More info: EdgeRyders najímají lokální mediátory!

Featured stories:

(my way of presenting them)

For International:

  • select from any of the below.

For Poland:

Do you think there is enough or not enough sex education in Poland?

What will you do as an old person in the future? What systems, products or tricks would all of us need? Welcome to retirement!

For Czech:

Being a migrant: ‘Living your private life in the shadow of a rented studio apartment in deep loneliness is not the ideal lifestyle you could dream of in your 30s.’ Join the discussion here.

Healing or Risking? What’s it like for you to access medical services? @Jirka_Kocian and @kuba_svehla share their bad medical experiences, what’s yours?

For Serbia:

Modern living: what do we keep and what do we toss from traditional Church values? Savana and Jasen talk about problems of Serbia and the former Yugoslav space.

For Germany:

What does it take for you to [take care of your street, neiborhood?] Emily tells us why she had to stop volunteering.

**Richard was a stranger in Germany: where to find [efficient medical services?]
(Wie sagt man ‚Aaaaaaaaaaagh‘ auf deutsch?)


  • The tag for the featured stories is: webcontent-wellbeing-featured

  • is it possible that you first make the International page, as a template? After that, depending on how the call to action + featured content will be presented, we can translate everything. If you choose to include the intro texts above and not just previews from the forum, then those will also need to be translated. Let’s see for International and then move futher.

  • Should we strive to add photos to each post or can you use stock photos for the calls to action/ featured stories?

When do you think you can do it?

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@owen can you confirm you received this? thanks!

Hi @noemi yes I’m currently implementing this, will update today with the international version first. The tag is fine, and I am finding images with public licenses we can use.

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Not quite ready, pardon the delay, but you can see the changes to the international version here -

It reads much better and the flow makes it easier for a newcomer to make sense of why they are there (the main point made in our call on Wednesday).

I will need another day and a bit to iron out all the bugs. Meanwhile if you can check the copy, and tell me of any changes needed. I put that in there to give an idea of how it should flow for the reader, but we can can change whichever parts you think necessary @inge / @noemi / @anon82932460 .

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@Inge did you write that copy? I don’t recognize it from our chats here on the platform…
I don’t think we can say ‘no jobs’ when we learned that in Czechia there’s record low unemployement.

‘The most pressing issues that come to mind for each European can be as diverse and complex as the union of these nations…’ ?? I am not sure how this would look translated in all 3 languages. Is this what we want?

The featured content lacking photos it’s hard to say whether the content stands out or not, which was our understanding since the meeting.

The Calls to action are missing.

Overall, thanks but this is unfinished and hard to feedback on.

Also, @owen we’re hoping you can get on Riot so that we can finalize this together, with Inge and I (if I can help) on call. That would make it easier and avoid you making a lot of changes after.

Ok. I’m logged in now, so we can go over it clearly.