Proposal for the unMonastery communication team

This is a post to introduce the latest we’ve been thinking about with @dorotea and @ben. As we were in the usual Monday online call for Building the unMonastery track at LOTE, it came up that their organizational team is now pulling itself together. @ilariadauria, @paolo_d_ercole and Fabio @invisigot are the new facilitators of Communication and Community.

So the obvious question arose: can and should we be coordinating between unMonastery and LOTE3 social media updates? The unMonastery already constitutes a large part of building engagement around LOTE and communicating the event to the people in Matera, and there is common content pushed out through the Edgeryders and unMon individual Facebook and Twitter accounts. The event in Matera is bringing all of us together, and so it makes sense that we work as one team, rather than duplicating efforts.

So Ilaria, Fabio, Paolo, I dont know if the three of you are already coordinating, but if you need a space and a built in infrastructure here’s a proposal:

  • We have a social media group here on Edgeryders where everyone who wants to help spread Lote3 news is invited. Over 40 people registered for Lote have said so. You too can join the group, Subscribe to be officially part of the team and press Follow to be notified with updates.
  • On the social media calendar wiki any of us can suggest daily items of content - new Edgeryders blog posts, Lote session proposals, what a community member is saying about Lote that makes the event look exciting, unMonastery international call etc.
  • There is a mailing list with everyone of the social media volunteers, including those who are not active in our platform group, where Dorotea sends the daily news to be spread, based on the calendar with a unique short link so that we can monitor reach of our efforts (through number of clicks). see example

I would love to see you guys making use of all these channels and ask for help where you need it - eg maybe someone here can help you build the press pack for unMonastery if they see a call? Also, there are lots of Italians here, and it would be useful to have some Lote updates translated in Italian when they are relevant to the community in Matera. The default encouragement is to use lote3 #unMonastery AND mt2019 when pushing out content, but I am surely not doing a great job following the mt2019 conversations, so any liaison between us and Materani that is highly visible on social media would be a great addition to how the team works…

So, what’s it gonna be? Will you have us ? :slight_smile:

the social media badge below was actually made by @pacheca here in the team.

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