Team performance 13-19 August

Hi everyone, for those of you interested in what’s shaking, here is where your effort is going:

  • We had 990 visitors on and a total of 3877 page visits. Lower than the week before, but August is holiday time and things are moving slower. Any other reasons you could think of? What's interesting is that 57% of these were new people checking us out, hence the spike in signups (topped that at 9 new Edgeryders in one day).
  • More visitors from the US!, now second location after Italy. Do we have someone with contacts there helping a lot?
  • After search engines, Twitter is leading in terms of platforms refering visitors to Edgeryders (see screenshot with referral traffic attached).
  • Most visited pages are our 2 variants of homepage (we're doing an experiment to see which version drives more signups and content generations) and
  • Have a look at short links performance, more details into each if you type in your browser the [ shortlink].info :



Aug 19th…


Aug 17th…


Aug 16h


Aug 15th


Aug 14th


Aug 13th



Aug 12th


I think a safe way to go now, while we wait for holiday time to end, is to make sure new Edgeryders feel welcome and are guided through the platform and Lote2 preps… I’ve been doing the welcoming myself, but if anyone else wants to join me your help is very appreciated!