Proposal of Edgeryders Festival in Prague


I am completing the invitation for ER Festival in Prague to post it here and also to create Facebook event - do you have any ideas how to improve it? Thanks for any suggestions! :slight_smile:


We would like to invite you to the meeting of Edgeryders participants!


Saturday 23. 11. 2019 from 14:00


Cross Club (Plynární 1096/23, Praha 7) – Workshop room and connected lounge in Café on the first floor.


„Entrance fee“ is submitted story to Edgeryders virtual platform – if you have any questions about how to do it, feel free to contact any Local connector – for Prague it is Kuba Švehla, you can use any channel to reach him ( , +420608963602, or directly on Edgeryders platform).

Outline of detailed program will be coming soon, but everything is prepared for your convenience and best vibe to enjoy a pleasurable time with your stories - you will meet new people from the platform and discover deeper contextes of other stories and in follow-up discussions we are going to try to find out some solutions, how we could improve our wellbeing in Europe, Czech, Prague or our neighbourhoods…

Workshop room and all Café is friendly space(also for kids), where we will prepare for you some refreshments and a banquet, but also the whole Café and Restaurant will be open for all the time.


Thank you for this update @kuba_svehla - I wish I was there, always wanted to visit Cross! I guess the next step would be to secure one or two interesting facilitators, and publish an invitation in Czech - and then we can push it out via social media with the help of our specialists.

Let me know if you need any help or advice?

Also, @zalesjan - how is your event doing? Do we have any news, maybe you could prepare a similar writeup, in Czech, this week? Let me know if you need any help, or would like to call before Wednesday to juggle some ideas.

If you’d like, we can start a channel somewhere to exchange ideas and discuss more frequently before the event, so that we’re aligned and have a way to support each other. Let me know!

Also, @zalesjan - for which date is your event planned?

Hi guys,

My idea is to participate on Coordination of this event:

This event is a hackathone about housing. Housing is a big issue in the last couple of years in Czechia with specific groups of people being seriously disadvantaged. This event is to stimulate the creation of projects which will deal with this serious issue.

Date: 8th to 10th November. Do those dates fit? I know it’s not exactly within your planned week but it might be a very fruitful and significant event to participate in.

Since we have another event in the window, I think we can do it.

How do we proceed? Will you create an event on the platform, which I could then transform into a fb event? Or do we just join forces with the organisers?

The topic is great, we have a huge amount of stories touching on housing in the Polish community, if you’d like, I can point you some of them and you can google translate and use them to write a few entry points to encourage people to start talking about it.

What else do you need? visuals, materials, logos? Will you need any budget for that? How do you imagine running the edgeryders part of the session and ensure people share their stories?

Also, since the topic is so close to some of our community members, we could use it to build a partnership for a Visegrad Funding and apply together to run a project in the region addressing the issue. It would be very interesting to have a comparison on how the privatisation and the construction business, as well as the social housing situation, has played out in V4 countries after '89.

Natalia, thx for the reaction. I ll negotiate these things today and let you know back.

V4 project sounds very nice. I will propose this as well.

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