A place where we collect all known publications related to Edgeryders. Basically anything that has somehow condensed conversations into knowledge in a digestible format. If you have worked on/know of one that is not on the list below - please add it!!

Scribd Repository for Edgeryders publications

Event Reports:

Ethnographic & Network analysis

  • OpenCare: Findings from the Ethnographic analysis of the conversations around how communities are managing health and social care:

  • Spot The Future: Ethnographic and network analysis reports



Blogposts that summarise or relfect on lessons learned

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Not sure where to put these:
Baltic Edge Book
Future Makers Nepal, we produced at least two reports from that project

add a books section and add as bulletpoints below!

and Nepal reports go under the “reports” header

where are the reports from Nepal available for downloading?

The first report is here. Online version though, not a PDF.

The PDFs are in the project folder on Google Drive. You’ll find them … it’s probably the most tidy project folder we have :laughing: